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It is with regret that we have to make all users of these Classifieds aware that scammers operate on this page, as they do on all websites with open adverts. They both post bogus ‘For Sale’ adverts and reply to ‘Wanted’ and ‘For Sale’ adverts. 

The ‘For Sale’ adverts posted on the website are usually for complete cars. When considering buying a car, NEVER make any payment until you are absolutely sure that the sale is genuine and after you have seen the car together with its documentation. (The website team does filter out many of these scams before they are posted, but please remain vigilant as we are unable to guarantee that we catch every one). 

Replies to ‘Wanted’ adverts are usually via e-mails, but mobile phones are also used, (as both of these are virtually untraceable). You therefore need to make every effort to ensure that the seller actually has the item you want. Request pictures of the item, ask detailed questions about the item, try to catch the seller out! (Ask the webmaster if you would like some ideas on how to do this….).   

Replies to ‘For Sale’ adverts (for parts or complete cars) are usually via emails and are generic, ie. they often do not specifically state your name or the item they are supposedly interested in. The wording is generic so that it can be used to reply to multiple advertisers at the same time. If you do reply to these scams, you will find that the respondent attempts to stress that they really want to pay, and that he needs various personal details in order to ensure safe payment. BEWARE – this scam is quite likely to be an attempt at Identity Theft! 

We have also seen evidence of potential money laundering scams. This is where a buyer (often pretending to be from abroad), agrees to buy an item and will arrange their own carrier. A hugely increased amount is then sent, stating this this will cover the carrier’s expenses, and that he will collect the difference from you when he collects the items for shipment. PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THE PAYMENT, AND REFER THE MATTER TO THE POLICE!

If you receive a suspect email, please refer this to the Wolseley Register Webmaster, who will try to help confirm whether it is a scam.

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Parts For Sale: Wolseley Various

I have for sale a quantity of new rocker bushes for overhead camshaft Hornets, New Fourteens, Wasps & Nines.
Made from phosphor bronze & complete with locking nuts.
Sold in sets of 12 @ £126 including p&p, or 8 @ £84 including p&p.
Overseas ask for postage costs please.
Available for early cars, (3/8 rocker shaft) or later cars with 7/16 rocker shaft.
Other parts available.

For details contact: Graham Whitaker (member)
Location: Sowerby Bridge
Phone: 07917 030332

Car For Sale: Wolseley S.III 12

1939 Wolseley 12 Series III. Owned by me for over 40 years. Solid condition but paintwork is a little tired. Leather seats reasonable, headlining only fair. Garaged and waxoyled regularly. Stainless exhaust , good runner with good oil pressure. Valuable reg. no. Huge quantity of spares collected over the years including very rare original workshop manual. Due to lack of time  I have not used the car over the past 2 years and can’t see me using it in the next 2 years either so have reluctantly decided to sell.  £3250.
Please contact Paul Malin
Location: Shropshire
Phone: 01691 650429

Parts For Sale: Wolseley

Wolseley 1800 engine, as seen in photos. This was from a car owned by my father in the late 70s/80s – he scrapped the car when the bodywork was no longer viable, but removed anything that might be useful. I have other parts that may also be useful however I have little knowledge of this subject. Please see photos.- viewing welcome, please contact with any questions and I will do my best to assist.

thanks Karen Rustman
Location: Hockley Essex
Phone: 01268785731

Grille & Books For Sale: Wolseley

Radiator grille, believed to be for a Wolseley 1100 mk2, good condition, buyer collects. £5
Driver’s handbook, Wolseley 6/90 vg condition, £5 + postage
Book of the Wolseley, W A Gibson-Martin, 8th edition, unused, £5 + postage

Please contact Michael Sallis
Location: Kent
Phone: 01732 360479

Parts Wanted: Wolseley 16/60 **NOW FOUND**

I’m seeking a pair of front lever arm shock absorbers working or not but complete from a 15/60 or 16.60 Wolseley. They are for use on my Healey 100/6 to provide the requisite level of negative camber as the Wolseley lever arm arms are shorter than those on a standard Healey. Any help or leads gratefully appreciated.


Parts For Sale: Wolseley 6/90

Wolseley 6/90 spares:

Front bumper brackets (both sides)
Front suspension upper arms (both sides)
RH door side window and surround
Radiator grille light fitting with badge
Heater matrix (pressure tested)
Door arm rests (2)
Ash tray with fitting
Jaeger clock (complete but not working)
Brake servo cylinder assembly (without diaphragm and reservoir)
Wolseley 6/90 Workshop Manual Issue 2

Please contact Ivan Clark (member)
Location: Colchester

Phone: 01206870877

Motoring Books For Sale: Various

 Collectible motoring books for sale :-
 Cars of the 30s and 40s ; Michael Sedgwick  , Published by Hamlyn in 1979 , 240 pages
  The Best Cars ; Wm. & Michael Stobbs , Pub . Pelham Books ,1981 , 256 pages
  The Great Cars ; Ralph Stein , 1977 , 252 pages
  The Motoring Century – RAC Story , Pub. Bloomsbury , 1997 , 432 pages
  Jaguar SS90 & SS100 ; Haynes Super Profile !984 ; 56 pages
  Jaguar Mk2 Saloons ,    Haynes Super Profile 1982 ; 56 pages
  Morris Minor MM ,       Haynes Super Profile 1984 , 56 pages
  The Car ; M&S , 1979 , 250 pages
  History of the Motor Car , 1980 , 380 pages ( 707 illustrations ! )
  Great Marques – Jaguar ; Octopus , 1982 , 80 pages
  Great Marques – Rolls Royce , Octopus ,1982 , 80 pages .
These larger books are currently becoming more collectable ; prices suggested are in the range of £4 – £7 each , much lower than dealers .
Further details from Mike Stanley , Register Librarian .
Tel 01254 247963 ( e-mail in Wolseley World )

Car For Sale: Wolseley 25HP Limousine**NOW SOLD**

For Sale is a rare beast indeed a 1948 (one of the last) Wolseley 25HP Limousine. From my research it seems that approximately 175 of these cars were built of which it appears only 12 are still known to be around. This one has done around 95000 miles, she has been used as a wedding car for more than ten years I have MOTs going back to 1995 when the mileage was 85,000 but of course she is now both road fund licence and MOT exempt.The car starts and drives very well keeping up with modern traffic, she is of course an old lady and therefore does require some fettling to keep her in good order.


Parts for Sale: Wolseley 14/60 body

For Sale: Wolseley 14/60 (1938 – 1948) body plus doors, bonnet and other items for sale.

Was intended to be a very good set of spare parts for my recently sold 14/60 built in 1948. The wooden stiles are all in good condition, not rotted out at all as most of them are today.

Can be brought to the UK if you want. Please send me a message if you are interrested.

Location: Rotterdam area, Netherlands

Ronald (member)
Phone: +31 657884001

Parts For Sale: Wolseley 1950s/60s

I have had the object shown in the photos in my garage for nearly 50 years. I was told it was an automatic gearbox off a 1950s or 60s Wolseley but on opening the box recently, for the first time, I’m sure it isn’t! Danny Hopkins, Editor, Practical Classics Magazine, says “it is a torque converter… it sits between the engine and the auto gearbox itself”.

If you are interested in buying this, please contact David Edwards
Location:Essex CM6 1RG.
Phone: 01279 876205

Parts Wanted: Wolseley Ten?






I am completing the restoration of a 1948 Morris 10/4 Series M and am trying to source an interior rear window blind and/or brackets.

I understand that the same, or similar, blind and bracket may have also been fitted to post-war Wolseley ; Wolseley Ten or similar saloon?.

I have attached a photo of the blind and bracket. If you are able to assist or provide any leads, I could be most grateful.

Many thanks,
Rev. David J Manks

Highton Vic 3216 Australia
Phone:    +61 3 5222 4212
Fax: +61 3 5222 5884

Handbook & Manual etc For Sale : Wolseley

Wolseley 6/90 (Series 11) Operation Manual. Good condition for age. £10 + £2 P&P

Wolseley 6/110 Driver’s Handbook. Good condition for age. £3 + £2 P&P

Wolseley 6/80 facts for salesmen card. £5.

The 6/90 by Wolseley poster. Publication No H & E 5484, + Shell Service Guide card, Series 1 & 11 Schedule of Repair & Adjustment Charges, + Service data for NDR870 £15 .

Please contact Val Osborne
Location: Bude, Cornwall
Phone: 01288361874

Spare for Sale: Wolseley 6/99 auto gearbox

For Sale: Wolseley 6/99 and 6/110 MkI  Borg Warner Type DG65 automatic gearbox. Genuine BMC Gold reconditioned box, still in its original supplier’s gearbox, never used, but stored 40 years. The crate has ‘DG150M’ on it.

Also fits  Vanden Plas 3 ltr, Westminster MkI, Jaguar Mk9 and others.

Price: £300 ono
Location: Wisbech area

Mr Legg
Phone: 01945 464387