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This page displays Items advertised for sale or wanted by members and non members. Pictures can be enlarged simply by clicking on them.  If you have something you want us to advertise please submit details using the simple online form. Adverts on this page are free of charge to members and non members alike. All adverts will be reviewed prior to publication and we reserve the right not to publish any which we deem to be unsuitable. Adverts will remain on the page for 6 months or until the advertiser advises us of prior completion.

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It is with regret that we have to make all users of these Classifieds aware that scammers operate on this page, as they do on all websites with open adverts. They both post bogus ‘For Sale’ adverts and reply to ‘Wanted’ and ‘For Sale’ adverts. 

The ‘For Sale’ adverts posted on the website are usually for complete cars. When considering buying a car, NEVER make any payment until you are absolutely sure that the sale is genuine and after you have seen the car together with its documentation. (The website team does filter out many of these scams before they are posted, but please remain vigilant as we are unable to guarantee that we catch every one). 

Replies to ‘Wanted’ adverts are usually via e-mails, but mobile phones are also used, (as both of these are virtually untraceable). You therefore need to make every effort to ensure that the seller actually has the item you want. Request pictures of the item, ask detailed questions about the item, try to catch the seller out! (Ask the webmaster if you would like some ideas on how to do this….).   

Replies to ‘For Sale’ adverts (for parts or complete cars) are usually via emails and are generic, ie. they often do not specifically state your name or the item they are supposedly interested in. The wording is generic so that it can be used to reply to multiple advertisers at the same time. If you do reply to these scams, you will find that the respondent attempts to stress that they really want to pay, and that he needs various personal details in order to ensure safe payment. BEWARE – this scam is quite likely to be an attempt at Identity Theft! 

If you receive a suspect email, please refer this to the Wolseley Register Webmaster, who will try to help confirm whether it is a scam.

The Wolseley Register accepts no responsibility for cars or parts advertised in Newsletters, The Wolseley World, other Register publications, or on this web site. Neither does it accept any responsibility for scam, spam e-mails or phone calls received as a result of using this site. Contracts are between the individuals concerned and no liability may be attached to the Register or its Officers.

Car to Swap: Wolseley 1500

I have a nice 1500 that I have owned 16 years , restored bodily in 2000 ,totally reliable.
I now need an auto for health reasons as the car is used every day and my wife is disabled.A swap for a similar car e.g Marina, Ital etc I don’t like modern cars . Its a long shot but maybe someone has something..

thanks Ian Howat (member)
Location: Hertfordshire
Phone: 01442252456

Books For Sale: Wolseley & General Motoring

Of interest to book lovers / collectors – A number of ‘coffee-table’ books on general motoring are available from the Club librarian for sale at reasonable prices . The cost of p&p would make these unattractive to send out , but I will be happy to reserve any title and bring to Tatton Park & the National Rally . They date from the 1970s onwards . Please contact me for a list and description of titles available .

thanks Mike Stanley
Phone: 01254 247963

Car Wanted: Wolseley 1500 mk 1

Wolseley 1500 mk1 wanted must be in excellent order mechanically and bodily.Would prefer to buy from a club member who has had the car a long time. I started my motoring with a 1500 in 1973 and would like to finish with a 1500.

thanks Clive Cadman (member)
Location: Cornwall
Phone: 01503598046

Car for Sale: Wolseley 15/60 **NOW SOLD**


Original Irish car, Dublin registered with low mileage (17600). Built in Dublin by Booth Poole of islandbridge. Believed to be the only surviving example of this model in the country.

The Wolseley was fully restored over two years and was completed in 2013 and painted in original 2 tone Mayfield Green. It has only been used for shows and is always stored in a heated garage.







Car for Sale: Wolseley 6/90 Mark 1

For Sale: 1955 Mark 1 Wolseley 6/90. Good straight car. Very good red interior and roof lining. Good solid chassis. Good engine, gearbox, and clutch has been replaced. Black paint work needs work, but very presentable overall, Owned last 9 years with original plates.

Location: Great Missenden
Price: £5750.00p

Geoffrey Sheraton
Phone: 07951016185