Car for Sale: Wolseley 6/90 **NOW SOLD**

For Sale: Wolseley 6/90 Series 3 (1959).





This car is well known in the Register, and is quite possibly the finest 6/90 in the UK, mechanically and bodily. Full history of this ” 3 owners from new” car is known, with less than 60,000 miles recorded.

Winner of many concours prizes at Register and other events, as well as being a superb and reliable car on the road. Increasing age and a smaller house and garage means we are looking for a smaller Wolseley.

A considerable quantity of spares is also available by negotiation.


Car For Sale : Wolseley 1500 mk1**NOW SOLD**

After 15yrs. of ownership, I am reluctantly offering my cherished Mk.1 1500 for sale. It has covered less than 30,000 miles from new and presents beautifully. There is absolutely no rust/bubbling or the like on the body, and the chrome is first class-bonnet/boot hinges, radiator grille “horse shoes”, ‘W’ wing motifs all new old stock parts.

After purchasing the car in Yorkshire in 2002, I found that the paintwork was unintentionally two tone on one side, as a result of which I had the car repainted in the original Yukon Grey. During the last 15 yrs., in which I have covered only 8000 miles, a new radiator has been fitted, and the clutch was replaced last week. The oil/filters have been changed annually. It shows 45lbs. oil pressure when on the road, and the gearbox/diff. etc. show no faults. There have (almost inevitably) been a couple of patch welds underneath.

Inside, the back seat is beautiful, but there is a 1″ split in the front passenger seat due to the leather becoming brittle. The woodwork is fine; the carpets are original and the boot is very clean. It doesn’t need an MOT, but I’d be happy to put a new 12 month certificate on it for a purchaser.


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