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Possible remanufacture of 6/90 heater boot!

We have been approached by an Australian 6/90 owner who is looking into the remanufacture of the large rubber 'boot', which connects the blower motor to the ventilator box in the bulkhead. It is common to the all the Series I, II and III models, as well as the equivalent Riley models. (The 'boot' can be seen in the centre of the picture).

This is a vulnerable item and whilst many may appear to still be intact, they are often very fragile after almost 60 years of use! If they fail, it is possible that the car's interior can end up filling with exhaust fumes. A test by the local Fire Brigade's gas detector showed unsafe levels of carbon monoxide and other exhaust toxins in the Australian car.

The Australian manufacturer has been used by their club before and they will ensure the correct grade of rubber. The boot will need to be oil and exhaust gas resistant and not pyrolise   below 110 degrees C. If we go ahead, we will be provided with pre-production samples.

All applicable clubs are being approached to check potential interest, and if sufficient numbers come forward, they should be priced at only about £20 + pp (from Australia) each. Each club really needs to obtain sufficient interest for a minimum of 20 boots per club to make it a viable proposition.

These items have not been available for quite a while now, and this might be the only opportunity to obtain them for the forseeable future. I would encourage all owners to seriously consider buying one now.

I will coordinate all interest from the Wolseley Register, so please contact me at, or on 01524 761409 as soon as possible.



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