Register Spares Scheme

The Wolseley Register runs a scheme which tries to help Wolseley owners locate spares that they are having difficulty obtaining from their normal sources. The scheme holds lists of spares held by owners who are willing to sell these on in order to help other owners get their car on the road. Note that the available spares from this scheme are not published here because the owners are not actually pro-actively trying to sell them. (Anyone who does wish to sell their spares can include them in the Private Ads section).

Do you have any unwanted Wolseley spares?

However, there are some parts required for which we are currently unable to help, and these are listed below. If anyone can help with any of these parts, or if they have any other parts that they would be happy to include in the Register lists, please contact the Spares Consultant.

Please note when potential buyers are given contact with potential sellers, they will be responsible for their own purchase. Neither the Spares Consultant, nor the Wolseley Register accepts any liability towards any transfer of goods or services as a result of using the Spares scheme.  Also, regarding the Data Protection Act, only the agreed contact details will be released to individuals requiring matching goods or services. No personal details will be released to anyone else without full agreement from the member.


Car Parts Wanted Year Fitted
24/30 Timing Cover
Exhaust Manifold
Starting handle
Water pump
Water Pump Drive shaft housing for 1913/14 24/30hp, (6 cyl, 5ltr engine) – OR complete / part engine
1912 – 21
16 or 21/60 Set Con Rods Early 1930′s
21/60 Cylinder Head 1933/34
Series II Supersix 25 Pair front side lights
Pair front seats
Series III 12/48 Pair front axle springs Unknown
Series III 14/60 Petrol filler cap
Water side plate (X20003 (A2))
Series III 21HP Super Six 2 letter B’s (made by ACE, not Blumells) for rear number plate 1940
Series III 25HP Interior door handle
Interior door window winder handle
Series III 25HP Supersix Limousine Radiator Cap
Starting Handle radiator grill hole cover
Fuel Gauge
Series III 25HP DHC P100 Headlamp glass
Pair carburetors and linkages
4/44 Horn Ring Assembly 1954
15/50 All 6 dashboard switch buttons
Clutch pedal rubber
Brake wheel cylinders – for all 4 wheels
Mini Hornet Original steering wheel and centre cap Unknown