Car For Exchange: Wolseley 1100







After an absence of 3 years, I am suffering from 1500 withdrawal symptoms!
I would, therefore, like to consider exchanging my 1100 auto for a 1500 of similar value/calibre (Mk.3 preferred, ‘though not essential.) My car can only be described as Condition 1 and has an interesting history/provenance. . It was delivered new to an elderly lady in Orkney, and has been described by experts from the 1100 Club and our own register as a Mark 1 and a half! Given its date of registration, it should be a Mk.2, but it has all the features of the model’s first incarnation.
The car was driven carefully, as one must in Orkney, for 29,000 miles until the owner’s passing, whereupon it was placed in heated storage for almost 30 years.
I acquired it exactly 4 years ago and a further 2,000 miles have been added by me and a couple of local members, who are always happy to borrow it for shows. The car drives without fault, with the auto box performing just as it should. Enthusiasts will know that this box offers a manual clutch less option and I feel that is more rewarding to drive using this facility.
The car is in the lovely ‘Glen Green’ livery, with matching full leather upholstery. It is completely rust free, top and bottom, having been undersealed with grease from new, and the inside is a lovely place to be. it wanted for nothing when I bought it, but just to set it off, I replaced the front bumper and side grille chrome whiskers with brand new BMC old stock.I also replaced the original cross ply tyres, as I felt that they might be unsafe at speed!
The 1100 is now over half a century old, and I would draw attention to the following points:-
1. There is a slight ‘blow’ from the exhaust (indiscernible from within) but full new system would be included.
2. The horn has never worked during my ownership, but Andy Wells assures me that he will sell me a replacement from his vast stock.
3. The fuel gauge is temperamental.
4. I feel that a purist would wish to do some detailing to the engine bay.
This car is a genuine ‘one off’-indeed it is the only Wolseley 1100 auto on the ‘How Many Left’ website. I have names/nos. from 1100 club members who asked for first crack if I should ever consider selling it, but I’d rather it stay in the Register, and I’d rather have a 1500! I have been offered £7k. for the car, although members who trawl EBay, Carsandclassics etc. (anoraks like me?!) will see the current going rate for Wolseley ADO16’s. Indeed, a Bermuda Blue 1300, with white wall tyres, higher mileage, ambla seats, etc., is currently advertised for £7,995. I owned this car until 2014. It’s a good one, but my 1100 is considerably better in all respects with the exception of out and out performance.
If you have the 1500 of my dreams (1500s and me go together like mince and tatties!), please get in touch.
Dick Peters (member)