Car for Sale: Wolseley Series III 12/48

For Sale: 1947 Wolseley 12/48 with only 21000 on the clock. This I believe to be genuine as this vehicle was owned by a Reverend gentleman from Hampshire.





Bought new, and proof with the vehicle of the garage that supplied it. The V5 I have shows 6 previous owners and I can verify this. It changed hands in 1970 and was registered in Chesterfield for 3 years, again registered in Chesterfield to another keeper in 1973. There is some mention of it owned again in Swindon. In April 2003 it was registered to a Mrs Cook and was put on the Wolseley Register, but until 2011 it was hardly used, as the mileage only went up a few miles per year. I do have some MOTs but they were probably obtained so as it could be driven around the farm where it was kept in a barn. Everything about the car points to it being genuine mileage.

The engine is very quiet, with no timing chain or tappet noise. It starts first touch of the button, every time. The engine and chassis numbers all match. The wiring is ALL original and everything works, the lights, the wipers, the fuel gauge, the ammeter, even the clock when it feels like it. Very good oil pressure and NO smoke. The door handles are all level ( no droop ) all the locks use the same key, and it comes with 5 new tyres. Slight play in the o/s front king pin. In my ownership I have overhauled all the brakes and the front have new linings. The fuel tank has been off and cleaned, a new boot floor has been put in and the car drives well.

However it still needs restoration, all the seats and headlining need work. The wood in the door bottoms need replacing. The dash is good. and at some time flashing indicators were fitted and I have got them going again  much to my disgust). The only thing stopping it from going on the road is that at the moment it has NO n/s running board, just the out riggers, the o/s has been replaced. At sometime it was resprayed and the paint has blistered so requires taking back to metal and repairing.

Too much for me as I plan on moving next year.  I bought the vehicle 1 year ago from Yorkshire. So there you have it a low mileage car with V5 and some history for restoration or spares.

For Sale   £3250  firm. If interested please phone or Email.
Location: Wimborne, Dorset.

Mr Stuart Brown
Tel: 01202 848681, Mobile: 07485090500