Car for Sale: Wolseley Series III 14/60 **NOW SOLD**

Sold: Wolseley 14/60 series 3. Year 1946. Reg HAL 649. Has been owned by the family since 1965 and used throughout the summer months for days out and car rallies.

The car is in quite good condition generally and suitable to exhibit at vintage car shows in its present condition. There are small areas of the paint work around the edges of the mud guards and rear number plate/spare wheel compartment that could be improved making the car look really good. The engine was overhauled 20 years ago, new pistons/liners, valves/guides and bearings throughout and is quite powerful and dose not burn oil and has good oil pressure when hot.

There is one small problem, a crack in the side of the cylinder block, which was covered by a copper patch many years ago, this weeps a little water but dose not affect the operation or performance of the engine, this should have been metal stitched years ago. This could be carried out with the engine in position as it is easy to gain access by removing the exhaust manifold and carburettor’s. The car will be sold with a years MOT test cert.

A large quantity of spare parts re included in the sale of the car as follows:
1 x cylinder block
2 x cylinder heads
2 x crankshafts
1 x starter motor
1 x dynamo
1 x gearbox
1 x voltage regulator
1 x distributor / cap
1 x water pump
1 x rocker shaft / rocker levers
1 x camshaft / drive sprocket
6 x conrods / pistons
1 x oil pump
1 x sump / rocker box cover
1 x timing chain cover
2 x traffic caters
1 x oil pressure gauge
1 x exhaust manifold
2 x carburettors / linkages
1 x box light bulbs / fuses
1 x box door hinges / bonnet fittings
2 x workshop manuals