H V Morton Tour – Our 50th Anniversary Event

For 2014 we have planned a special event which will run throughout the ‘season’ and in which we hope all Members of the Register will take part. We will recreate the journeys of H V Morton, who toured Britain in the 1920s.


Henry Morton was a journalist and travel writer who achieved instant fame when he ‘scooped’ the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb, in Egypt , in 1923.  In the mid 1920s he embarked on a series of tours around Britain.  These were serialised in the Daily Express and later published as books.  We are focussing on three of these: In Search of England, In Search of Scotland and In Search of Wales.  Our aim is to visit all the places Morton visited using, as far as possible, the roads he used, in our Wolseleys.  We are doing this with the help and support of the H V Morton Society, see www.hvmorton.co.uk for more details.  As far as we are aware no-one has done this before, although Nicholas Crane (of BBC ‘Coast’ fame) did some of the Scottish route in a vintage Morris in 2010.

Morton wrote about the places he visited and photographed some of them.  You may like to get hold of Morton’s books which are widely available, second-hand, at a very modest price and you can see a selection of Morton’s original photographs here. We want you to take your own photographs and record your own journeys.  At the end of all this we hope to produce a souvenir booklet.

So how do I take part?  The first thing to note is that you can do so at any time between March 30th  and October 26th – that is during British Summer Time.  Morton’s routes have been broken down into stages – many a modest 20 or 30 miles – and you can do as many or as few of these as you like.  You can do this whenever it suits you and you could do stages at various times through the season.  Because Morton travelled extensively through England, Scotland and Wales, most of you should be able to do a stage without travelling too far from home. When you have done a stage, please let us know and we will mark off that stage as ‘done’.  If you have photographs or a few notes about the stage, so much the better as these will go towards the booklet we hope to produce at the end.

Some of our Regions will try to co-ordinate runs in their area but don’t worry if this is not happening near you: you are free to do whatever stages you wish and it doesn’t matter if more than one person does the same stage – in fact the more the better.

A copy of the Morton tour booklet, including the routes and stages and a form on which you can report the stages you have done, was sent to all Members during March.  The Tour maps, routes and stages are also available on the website: click here for the English tour; or here for the Welsh tour; or here for the Scottish tour. We will be reporting our progress in recreating Morton’s journeys here. It is important that you let us know which stages you have done and to make this easy, we have included a blank stage report in the Tour booklet.  However you can also download one here.  Instructions as to where to send completed reports and any photographs you have taken are on the form.

Let’s all make an effort to get involved in this event, on this, our Fiftieth Anniversary!

Clive Button