Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car Show, NEC – 5th/6th March 2016

With 700 cars on display, in all states of repair – from barn find to concours – there was plenty of inspiration for the 20,0000 visitors as well as hands on advice from the 120 classic motoring clubs demonstrating live works on their stands, specialist restorers and industry experts at this Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car Show.

WR STAND NEC RESTORATION SHOW 2016 REGALIA (2)WR STAND NEC RESTORATION SHOW 2016 24-80 AND 1500 MK IIIThe Wolseley Register staged a successful stand with the star exhibit attracting much attention – a 1965 Australian Wolseley 24/80 which had been recently brought out of 12 years hibernation.  An overhaul of the brakes included replacement of the Australian servo as a repair kit was unavailable.  A service to the 6 cylinder B-series engine, which is unique to Australian cars and a set of new tyres enabled the car to pass its MOT.

WR STAND NEC RESTORATION SHOW 2016 1500 MK I, HORNET AND 15-50Also exhibited were a 1957 Wolseley 15/50, a beautifully-restored 1934 Hornet saloon free-wheel model and two Wolseley 1500’s.  One of these was an original-condition 1958 Mark I model.  The other was a Mk III 1963 model which had been extensively restored recently including the fitting of servo brakes, new carpets and a full two-tone respray.

WR STAND NEC RESTORATION SHOW 2016 (2)The cars were staged in a garage scene with the Mk I 1500 requiring attention to a flat tyre during the Show.  The Mk III demonstrated its telescopic rear-shock absorber conversion over the original lever arms.  This modification only required alteration to the brackets and is easily fitted.


Barn Find Exhibit Wolseley New 14The Show was spread over 5 Halls and another Register Member’s Wolseley New 14 was displayed in the Barn Finds section.  There was a constant stream of visitors to the stand over the two-day show during which new members joined the Register and the Regalia stall was well-patronised.


The Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car Show is now an established event in the classic car calendar and next year’s show will be held at the NEC on 25-26 March.