Footman James Classic Car Show, 17-18th September 2016


003p1070879The Wolseley Register again put on a successful display of cars at Event City. Due to the lack of availability of one of the halls this year, the organisers had to limit space to attending clubs in order to accommodate all the usual supporting clubs so we had to restrict the number of cars to five this time. These were the ‘as found’ Six of  David Dodd, Clive’s recently restored to the road Six, Stephen Oliver’s 24/80, Ian Ashcroft’s ‘Downton’ Hornet and Steve Darnell’s 25hp Limousine.


p1070971019Attendance on the two days was ‘normal’, i.e. quieter on the Saturday, but well attended on the Sunday, and each of our cars created a great deal of interest , with our owners and/or stand personnel answering many questions. It was a bonus that the stand opposite us featured four Morris cars, one of which was an extremely rare 25hp Coupe, and our respective line-ups featured the two 25’s ‘head-to-head’ to provide a bit of extra interest.

p1070880Thanks go to our exhibiting owners and all involved in assisting over the weekend, not forgetting of course Peter Cope’s efforts in co-ordinating our attendance once again. We look forward to continuing our our involvement in this now well-established and supported major event.

Mike Stanley