Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, 10-12 November 2017


A wonderful array of Wolseley cars was on display at this year’s Classic Motor Show, which is recognised as the grand finale to the rally season.  The Show organisers report an attendance close to 71,000.  The Wolseley Register, Landcrab Owners Club International and the 6/80 & Morris Oxford Club combined their adjoining stand space in Hall 3 to present 10 Wolseley cars, between them spanning most of the 80 years of production and celebrating several 2017 anniversaries. The 3 clubs are all members of the Morris Vehicles Association (MVA) and the collaboration between them fitted in with the Family Ties theme of the Show.

The Wolseley Register exhibits were:

1911 16/20 replica racing car – recently completed rebuild of a forgotten Edwardian Wolseley which now competes at VSCC meetings and has recently been road-registered.  In late 1911 or 1912 the Experimental Department of the Wolseley Company built a racing car based primarily on components of their 16/20 model with the intention of setting records at Brooklands.  The car was mothballed during the first World War and subsequently remodelled as a family car. Over the last decade, the current owner has painstakingly reassembled the parts to its original racing design and after a series of adjustments was delighted to win the Dick Baddiley (Edwardian) Trophy handicap race at Mallory Park.

1927 Wolseley E4 11/22 representing 90th anniversary of William Morris using his personal funds to acquire the Wolseley company which ensured the marque would survive.  The exhibit was acquired by the current owner in 2015.  It has the ‘all-gear’ overhead camshaft 1267cc engine, so called due to the elimination of the chain in the camshaft drive in 1926.  The engine was the progenitor of the OHC Morris Minor, MG and other OHC Wolseley engines made until around 1935.   There are about twenty-five 11/22’s surviving around the world, including examples in Australia, India, South Africa, Holland, Belgium and Denmark as well as the UK, 60% being 4-seater tourers like this example.

1946 Wolseley Eight – representing the Series III models which ran from 1937 until 1948.  The Eight was the chosen model of both Lord and Lady Nuffield who each drove one for many years.  Lord Nuffield also enjoyed driving the Series III Wolseley 25 Drop Head Coupe gifted to him by his loyal staff in 1937 as a joint Christmas and 60th birthday present.

The Eight exhibited also supported the Show theme of Family Ties as the car had been used for the wedding of the owners in 1977 and their daughter in 2013.  Another generation has been added to the family in this Ruby Wedding Anniversary year for the owners.

1956 6/90 – to accompany the launch of the new 6/90 Super Profile which was launched at the Show.  Author Jeffrey Bridges was on hand to personally sign copies of this substantially revised and extended publication by the Wolseley Register.

1957 Wolseley 1500 Mk I representing the 60th anniversary of the launch of this best-selling model.  Over 100,000 cars in 3 variations were produced between 1957 and 1965.  The exhibit was the 12th car off the production line so is probably the earliest surviving example of this popular family car.



1968 Wolseley 1300 Mk II Automatic – representing the launch of the 1300 model alongside the 1100 Mk II in 1967. This vehicle was originally presented in Connaught Green and remained in the same ownership for the first 22 years.  It has never been restored although in 2015 the auto gearbox was rebuilt and the car was resprayed Sherwood Green. The current owner bought the car earlier this year at 28,625 recorded mileage with a full service history from new.




1967 was also the year the Wolseley 18/85 was launched as the first of the affectionately-named “Landcrab” Wolseleys which the Landcrab Owners International Club presented  3 examples of, along with a 1973 Wolseley Six.

The 6/80 & Morris Oxford Club presented two Morris Sixes, one in Police Livery, as well as a Morris Oxford.

A local Wolseley Register Member’s 1934 Wolseley Hornet was displayed on the Meguiars Club Showcase stand in Hall 1:

A 1924 Wolseley 10 (E3) was also exhibited by another Register Member on the Bexhill 100 Motoring Club stand:

and a Wolseley Crayford Hornet was also on show:

The Wolseley Register keeps a list of all known surviving Wolseleys which can be searched and updated by Members through the Members Area of the website.  Visitors to the Classic Motor Show were delighted to be able to ask for searches to be made on the club stand to see if their cherished family cars are recorded.  Several previously unknown vehicles were added to the List over the weekend, as well as updates being made to data already recorded.  Wanted adverts and cars for sale were also added to the Register’s classified section of the website live at the Show.

Club merchandise attracted much attention, with Anders Clausager also being available to sign copies of the award-winning publication: Wolseley – A Very British Car which had been launched at the 2016 Show.  Several new members were welcomed over the weekend.

Thanks to all the owners and other Members of the Wolseley Register who brought their vehicles to the Show and answered many technical questions over the weekend, helping to make the combined stand a great success.  

Wolseley 11/22 Replica Racing Car makes a speedy exit at the end of the Show!

Click here to read the official full show round up.

The Wolseley Register will be applying for a club stand at next year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, which will be held from 9-11 November 2018.

Jenny Ryder