Long Service Awards

Update on Long Service Awards
Jenny Ryder

Silver Award – 25 years membership

Gold Award – 40 years membership

Long Service Awards are presented to current members who first joined the Register at least 25 or over 40 years ago.  Those attaining 25 years membership receive a Silver Award and a Gold Award is presented to those who have reach the 40 year status.
These awards are a small but important way for the Register to recognise the greatly appreciated loyalty and support of long-standing members residing both in the UK and across the globe.

Awards have been made annually since 2011 when the first 25 were presented at that year’s National Rally.  The first 4 recipients of the Gold Award for attaining 40 years membership are pictured below:

The first four gold awards were presented to members (from left): David Allen, Peter Seaword, Brian Eley and Ray Burgess by Sir Charles Wolseley (centre) at the 2011 National Rally

The longest-standing member is Ray Burgess who joined the Register in 1968, just 4 years after it’s inception.  This year Ray is therefore the first member to attain 50 years continuous membership – well done Ray!  Ray was presented with a framed certificate at the 2018 National Rally and a profile of his membership was printed in the Rally Programme.

In 2018, 2 Gold and 8 Silver Awards are being made.  Wherever possible, these are being presented to individuals at events during the year, as the Register Committee would like to personally thank every member who has demonstrated such commitment.

Awards made to date (including this year’s qualifying members) total 160 Silver and 31 Gold.  This represents approx. 25% of the current membership. Whilst new members continue to join us every year, it is heartening to know that so many have remained constant for at least half of the time the Register has been in existence.

Awards due each year are announced at the National AGM.  The full list of 2018 Awardees appeared in the April edition of Wolseley World.  Presentations are made to qualifying members at Regional and National events throughout the rally season or where necessary, mailed out to awardees.

A Gold award for 2018 was made at the Morris Vehicles Association rally  on 23 June:

The furthest travelled to collect an award is Paul Billing who was presented with his Silver Award for 25 years membership at the 2016 North East Regional event at Newby Hall. This award was actually due in 2015 but New Zealand members Paul and Noeline were coming to the UK in 2016 and opted to collect the award in person!

Long Service Award presented to Paul & Noeline Billings by Geoff Craggs July 2016

Silver Long Service Award presentation to Paul & Noeline Billing by NE Chairman, Geoff Craggs July 2016

Further awards will continue to be made as members attain 25 or 40 years membership of the Register.  Any member who has not yet received an award but feels perhaps they should have done so, should contact the Membership Secretary for confirmation of their records.