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East Anglia – April 2018 newsletter

This month’s edition starts with a photo from the car park of the “Oliver” proving that perhaps there are signs of Spring and the Classic Cars are stirring. Yes its a lesser spotted Wolseley and the first sighting of 2018….may there be many more.

The first item on the agenda was Drive-it-Day on Sunday 22nd of this month and what a scoop Andy and Elaine have pulled off!!!!  Somehow they have managed to persuade the Charles Burrell Museum of steamy delights to open JUST FOR US! AND, as an extra “Brucie Bonus”, they are offering to steam up one of their collection if we can get enough people there to make it worth their while. And the cost of all steaminess? 1 cup of tea or a sandwich from the café!  All entrants will be given a full route guide at the start so there should be no reason for anyone to get lost but you never know….. The trip starts from “Saint Paul’s Services” on the A47 at the Kings Lynn end of the Wisbech By-Pass (PE14 7BF for your sat-navs) and the plan is to meet up just after 10 o’clock and get under way about 11.

This is a unique chance to enjoy some time where steam and the smell of hot oil DOESN’T mean the car is about to break down so, if you would like to join us at the start, along the route or at the museum please let me know by email on or by phone on 01945 587004. After our visit a table has been booked at the historic Bell Hotel in Thetford but only a table! If you want Sunday Lunch or a round of sandwiches it’s up to you but it means you are under no obligation what so ever.

After the Drive-it-Day dust has settled (or been washed off the cars) our next outing of note is the RAF Wittering Open Day on May 12th. I have booked space for 6 cars and I have been asked to provide the registration number, date of manufacture and names and addresses of the occupants so that security passes can be sorted out. If you want to attend this open day please can you email me the above details before the end of this month AND remember to take some photographic ID with you on the day (passport or photo driving licence seem the most likely). Again this is a free-to-enter event.

The next day we are meeting up as a group at the Elgoods Craft, Plant and Classic Car Show (aka Park up in a Brewery) on Sunday May 13th. There is slightly less security involved  for this relaxed day out with no booking forms or passports required.  All you need to remember is to be at the black door in Barton Road from about 9 o’clock onwards and you’ll be involved but don’t park anywhere near it!!!

Back at the meeting there was just one more outing to sort out. This is the Quiz Night and Art Exhibition at Leverington Church. Roger, Liz, Paul and Jackie will form their usual powerful team of four (probably with a witty name like B4U No It) and involve half the villagers within about a 5 mile radius but they will have a challenge from “The Wise Wolseley Ones” in the form of Kevin, Bridget and myself. As we don’t know a whole lot about anything in particular we really really could do with  a hand so if you can make it to St. Leonard’s Church in Leverington by 7.30pm on Wednesday April 18th you would be very warmly welcomed. The ”Friends” provide light refreshments but if, like me, you need a drop of the hard stuff to lubricate the old grey cells, then you are more than welcome to bring your own.

The warmer days will soon be with us (honestly they will!) and before you know it we’ll be tootling down the highways of England at a sedate and steady speed much to the annoyance of other motorists!

Chris Arnold


East Anglia – March 2018 newsletter

I went along to the Wolseley Register AGM and a good decision it was as well. The East Anglian area was well represented with Paul and Jackie, Andy, Eric and myself all in attendance and Paul (along with Wilma of course) came away with the John Brindley trophy for covering the most miles in his Wolseley in 2017. Now circa 2,500 miles is a good total but not an unbeatable one so may I suggest you make a note of your mileometer reading and see how many miles you have covered by the end of the year. You never know you might become the proud owner of one of these elegant trophies at next year’s AGM.

The colder winter weather was still with us at this month’s meeting so we have yet to see or hear the “First Wolseley of Spring” but I’m sure that the rising temperatures will soon encourage one or two cars to migrate from their winter roosts and put in an appearance in the car park of the “Oliver Twist”!

The first outing of 2018 is Drive-it-Day on April 22nd. This year we will be enjoying a road run starting in Wisbech at the A47 service station and heading for Thetford Forest. If you’d like to come along and join us please give me a ring on 01945 587004 or come along to the next meeting where I’ll have the details of the run. I’ll also attach them to next month’s edition of this illustrious tome!!? Don’t forget the clue “remember your Dad’s Army uniform”.

Our “group” meeting for May is John and Janice’s “Park up in a Brewery” at Elgoods in Wisbech on Sunday 13th which is always a great informal start to the show season (especially if the weather is kind) and we are hoping to have at least 7 of our cars in attendance. However this year there is a “new kid on the block” which is the RAF Wittering Open Day being held the day before the Elgood’s meet. I have rung the Squadron Leader to try and book 6 of our cars in and I’m waiting to hear back.

Roger is doing a great job keeping our events list up-to-date and I brought a few copies of the latest list to the meeting. For those of you who either weren’t there or didn’t grab one I’ve attached a copy to the email covering this newsletter for you to download or print.

While I was at the AGM Stuart Nell told me that their group, along with Nev Holmes and the MO-6/80 club, were looking at the idea of a run to Ely perhaps for a Sunday lunchtime meet-up. Can anyone suggest a pub in that area that has a good car park and can satisfy about 20 hungry diners? Please let me know if you can help out with a bit of local knowledge.

On a non-motoring front Terry has invited us to form a team or 2 to enter the Leverington Church Spring Quiz. Not only does this flex the old brain muscles but it also gives you a chance to have a look around the Art Exhibition so, if you fancy being an “Oliver Twister” or a Wolseley Wise One” why not let me know and join in this light-hearted (but sometimes competitive) evening out. The date is Wednesday 18th April and the start time is 7.30pm

The warmer days will soon be with us (honestly they will!) and before you know it we’ll be tootling down the highways of England at a sedate and steady speed much to the annoyance of other motorists!

Chris Arnold


East Midlands – March newsletter 2018

1st January 2018 News Day Lunch, Welby Arms, Allington.
Several Wolseley Register members, some with ‘dual nationalities’ attended by invitation the New Year’s Day lunch at the Welby Arms. Some enthusiastic individuals, putting the Wolseley Register members to shame, brought their Rileys along. In the carpark were to vintage Kestrals, a Monaco and a more recent One Point Five.

31st January 2018 Lunch at The Welby Arms, Allington,
About twenty Wolseley Register members met at the Welby Arms for a hastily arranged lunch meeting. As usual the food was to a high quality.

7th February 2018 Noggin and Natter, The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe
At our regular monthly noggin and natter in February we showed a couple of short episodes from a 1950’s TV crime Drama ‘Scotland Yard’. Apart from the interest in seeing England as it was before some of the younger members had been born the films showed Wolseley 6/80s being used in action by the police. One film showed a senior police officer being chauffeured in a Wolseley 25hp saloon.

I acknowledge with thanks Anton Prole of the 6/80 and MO Club for the use of the photos of his car outside New Scotland Yard and the Old Scotland Yard Bulidings.

17th February 2018 Riley Register Lunch, The Brewery Old, Dalby
By invitation Wolseley Register members attended a lunch held at The Brewery, Old Dalby. The restaurant is attached to a micro- brewery producing a range of Belvioir Brewery beers.


7th March 2018 Noggin and Natter
At The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Near Newark

Mid- March 2018
Lunch or dinner meeting TBA

4th April 2018
At the Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Near Newark

22 April 2018 Drive it Day
The day will start at the Old Forge Tearooms, in Muston where coffee will be served. The pre- lunch drive will pass through the Belvoir and Cottesmore hunting country and finish for an early lunch at The Jackson Stops in Stretton. After lunch the drive will continue the circular  tour around Melton Mowbray to finish at the Old Forge Tearooms for a cup of tea.

2nd May 2018 Noggin and Natter
At The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Near Newark

13th May 2018 Tour of Lincs 100
This annual event to raise monies for the Notts, Derby and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance will start this year at Easton Walled Gardens near Colsterworth and will explore the south west of the county and will pass through parts of Rutland and Leicestershire and even Nottinghamshire. The lunch stop will be in Hallaton and the day will finish at Corby Glen. The entry fee is £35. This year the entry list is going to be strictly limited to 100 cars.

The picture above perhaps is the most familiar view of a Wolseley 6/80 police car for those who can remember them being used by the police!!!

Further details of the above events please contact Stuart Nell (01949) 844870 or Nev Holmes (01522) 703045

Stuart Nell


East Anglia – February 2018 newsletter

The colder winter weather was still with us this month so I’m afraid there were no classics to be seen in the car park of the “Oliver Twist” but hopefully the dark winter nights are at an end and some of our good-looking cars should put in an appearance next month.

The main matters for discussion by the hardy band of Fenmen who gathered was this year’s events. First up was the Wolseley Register AGM at Beoley Village Hall on March 17th and a number showed an interest in attending and representing the East Anglian region.

The following month, on April 22nd,  it’s Drive-it-Day and Andy and Elaine announced that this year we will be heading for Thetford Forest with the cryptic clue “don’t forget your Dad’s Army gear!!!”. The run will start shortly after 10am at the Starbuck’s Car Park adjacent to the Shell garage on the Wisbech by-pass (aka St. Paul’s Services). Please let me know if you are interested in joining in and I’ll make sure that you receive a route map.

Now on to May 13th and our group will be supporting John and Janice at Elgood’s “Park up in a Brewery”. This is a show we have enjoyed for quite  a few years now so cross your fingers for good weather as it makes such a difference (photo of last year’s show).

As we made our way through the months, the next show we decided to attend as a group is the Bourne Classic Car & Bike Carnival on June 17th . This will be a new venture for us so I’ve contacted the organiser and I should have the entry forms at the next meeting. For July there was an unfortunate clash of events with both The Fenland Airfield “Wings and Wheels Show and the North Norfolk Vintage Transport show both being held on July 1st. After a show of hands it was decided that we would, once again, have a run over to Holt Station to enjoy the railway and the vintage buses.

This all leads nicely to the highlight of the year with Paul and Jackie’s cruise to the National Rally at Cirencester starting out on August 1st. The first night is at Banbury, the second at Evesham and the third night at Cirencester itself with a number of outing to get a chance to see the area as we make our way westwards.

Chris Arnold


East Anglia – January 2018 newsletter

Another year over…a new one just begun and planning for 2018 seemed to be the main subject of discussion amongst the motley crew that assembled at the “Oliver Twist” this month. Roger has kindly agreed to produce our events list again this year and as soon as his latest edition is available I’ll e-mail it to everyone perhaps alongside “The Times”.  At this time of year Roger is becoming aware of more and more events and their confirmed dates so this list will change quite quickly to begin with which means that there are bound to be quite a few updates and I will try and keep you up to date.

Drive-it-Day this year falls on Sunday April 22nd and is the traditional season opening event. Andy and Elaine, this year’s organisers, were at the meeting and told all that everything was in hand. Where are we going?…..Aha…You’ll just have to come down to the “Oliver” next month to find out as Andy and Elaine remained tight lipped for some reason.

This leads nicely to the slightly less-pressing but equally important matter of “Dates for the Diary”. This year I was hoping to put together a “skeleton” list of 1 event per month that we could perhaps attend “en masse”. My first draft is listed below but, as I’m sure the sharp-eyed reader can see, I’ve already come adrift with 2 events on 2 consecutive weekends in July.

APRIL 22nd          Drive-it-Day
MAY                     ????
JUNE                   ???? (Holbeach Show suggested)
JULY 1st              North Norfolk Railway Holt.
JULY 8th              Ramsey Fire and Steam
AUGUST             Cruise to National Rally on 5th.
SEPTEMBER      Wings and Wheels.

Well it’s a start and I’m sure we’ll put a bit more “flesh on the bones” as the season progresses.

As you have probably noticed the August event is a “cruise” to Cirencester to attend the Wolseley Register National Rally at the Royal Agricultural University. There are eight of us so far that have agreed to join in the 3 day-2 night tour that Paul and Jackie have put together to break the journey to the Cotswolds up into more-manageable chunks. If you’re interested in joining in there probably is still time but it would be well worth getting in touch A.S.A.P..

A further suggestion at the meeting was the possibility of a Sunday lunchtime run, similar to the Bateman brewery trip, to the bubble car museum at Langrick not too far north west of Boston. Definitely one I think we ought to consider.

While I have a moment I would like to thank Karen for coming up with a firm in Holbeach that might be able to supply road cones for Stuart Nell’s driving test course at the National Rally. It’s amazing what people know at these meetings… really ought to come along and find out for yourself.

Warmer days will soon be with us (honestly they will!) and before you know it we’ll be tootling down the highways of England at a sedate and steady speed much to the annoyance of other motorists (particularly Jeremy Clarkson apparently tee-hee).

Chris Arnold


East Midlands – January newsletter 2018

13th December 2017 Christmas Dinner, The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Nr. Newark.

Thirty three Members and guests were booked in to the first Christmas meal to be held at the new noggin and natter venue at the Lord Nelson at Winthorpe. After an early start a very convivial evening ensued. The quality of the food was greatly appreciated by all and the dinner was a perfect way to finish a successful year.

Stuart Nell


SE Christmas Lunch – 10th December 2017

Despite the inclement weather and forecast of worse to come, no-one cried off and we gathered at the Kingswood Arms to enjoy a very convivial lunch. All finished off with a delicious gateau, baked and presented by Nelson.

A fine way to close our season.

Alan Simmonds.


East Anglia – November 2017 newsletter

The first item of the meeting was the Christmas meal next month. There are 16 diners booked at the moment with 12 who have already chosen their meals. If you’d like to join us or I haven’t received your menu choices, please let me know before Monday 4th  December as that is when I’m going over to the “Oliver Twist” to finalise things. You can get hold of me either by e-mail or by phone on 01945 587004.

Again this year we will see the presentation of the wonderful “Winged W” that we started to create at the Chain Bridge Forge in Spalding on our “Morton” run 4 summers ago. This will be presented to a Natterer who has shown “conspicuous efforts to promote all things Wolseley” (or any other reason come to that)so it will be well worth finding out whose mantelpiece it will next adorn (My pint of beer is only there to give a sense of scale – honest).

The next item for consideration was a venue for Drive-it-Day to match our run to “The Ferry Boat” at Holywell earlier this year and Andy and Elaine have agreed to put together next year’s outing. Ah well that is not entirely true as we only persuaded Andy that we had had a unanimous vote in his absence…sort of the same thing!! There’s a salutary warning here….never be late for a meeting (even if you are towing 1500’s back to Broadstairs) as you never know what you’ll get lumbered with. I tried a couple of suggestions…The East Anglia Transport Collection (probably too far) and Burghley House (hmmmm). If you have any ideas for a venue next spring please let me know and I’ll pass it along the line to Andy and Elaine.

Bulletin from the International Desk:-

An East Anglian Register member wishes to be remembered to us. Dominic Green writes “Would love to come (to the Xmas meal) but will not return to UK for Christmas until after 12th Dec. Keep sending the news letter. Its nice to read that in the desert. Not many classic vehicles over here, its all Toyota Land Cruisers and Nissan Patrols on the roads here! Maybe an exception would be the TATA buses full of Indian workers that look as if they have had a hard life. The buses I mean!”. There’s no mention of the country that Dominic is working in but, for some reason, its sounds a tad hotter than the Fens in November!

During the meeting I produced some photos I’d printed off of the Register stand at the recent N.E.C. show. These were sent to me by Colin and it shows that the Register is out there trying (and succeeding) in attracting new members and keeping the Wolseley name alive even though car production finished 42 years ago! 6 new members were signed up at the N.E.C. and the East Anglian area has not lost a single member for about 6 months so we must be doing something right. I believe the 1500 was the 12th off the production line and it was returning this car to Broadstairs that had made Andy late for our meeting.

Another item that was briefly looked at was the possibility of moving the venue for our meetings. The general feeling was that, although the car park was a nuisance every month, the meeting was going well and “as it wasn’t broken don’t try and fix it”

The next meeting is the Christmas bash on December 12th (nosebags on at 8 o’clock) and I really hope I see as many of you there as possible.

Chris Arnold


London to Brighton Run – 5th November 2017

SE member Alan Symmonds spotted these two early Wolseleys on this year’s London to Brighton run.

(Photos courtesy of Alan Symmonds)


East Midlands – November newsletter 2017

5th September 2017 Mid-Week Lunch, The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Nr Newark:
Over twenty attended a lunch meeting held at the Lord Nelson pictured above. The pub had been put forward as an alternative venue for our regular monthly noggin and natter evenings. Since losing the ability to use a separate room at The Woodcocks the venue had become rather noisy to hold conversations. Everyone who attended the lunch thought The Lord Nelson was an excellent choice as the food was much better than at The Woodcocks and they offered a private room for our monthly meetings at no cost. Unfortunately the pub is closed on Monday evenings so the day of our Noggin and Natters had to be changed. After discussions it was felt that the first Wednesday of each month would fit in with peoples other commitments.

10th September 2017 Derbyshire Run and Hartington Show:
Following an invitation from the Alvis Owner Club member organising the classic car display at the Hartington Show, Nev Holmes, and Stuart Ingamells ensured that there was a Wolseley presence at the show. Everyone including Karl and Sue Guest in their recently restored Rover 100 and Stuart Nell in his Alvis Speed 20 met for an early start at the Saxondale service station near Bingham. The run took participants around the south of Nottingham to Ambergate and then along the A6 for a short while to Cromford. Unfortunately the Via Gellia road was blocked near Cromford so a diversion was made so we could join the road further up the valley. Overnight rain had made the showground rather muddy in places and some found driving up the smallest of gradients a bit of a challenge.
To mark the extraordinary achievement of producing a million Morris Minors a limited run of special Minor 1000s were produced. During the course of the afternoon a procession of these very special cars appeared as part of a tour of Britain in which they were all taking part. Each one bore the exclusive lilac livery and had the special Minor 1000000 badges. We were told that one of the cars present was the actual millionth car.
Pictured above are the two Wolseley 6/80s of Stuart Ingamells and Nev Holmes and just visible is the immaculate Rover owned by Karl Guest. The ladies enjoyed looking at the craft stalls etc and Nev Holmes after the sampling a few hot dogs and bacon butties was able to replenish his stock of pies and Bakewell puddings.

4th October 2017 Noggin and Natter- The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Near Newark
We held the last noggin and natter at the Woodcocks on 11th September and to mark the inaugural meeting at the new venue twenty two met for an excellent dinner. At this meeting it was decided that we should hold our Christmas meal there on the 13th December 2017 and to continue with regular evening meetings on the first Wednesday of each month.

22nd October 2017 Sunday Lunch at The Welby Arms, Allington
Twenty met for a hastily organised Sunday lunch meeting at Allington. Two Wolseleys were present, Roy Carrier’s 1938 Wolseley 14/56 and Stuart Nell’s 1969 Wolseley 18/85 II

FUTURE EVENTS – Note the new venue – it is near the A1!
6th December 2017 Noggin and Natter
At The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Near Newark
13th December 2017 Christmas Meal
At The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Near Newark
3th January 2018
At The Lord Nelson, Winthorpe, Near Newark

For further details of the above events please contact Stuart Nell (01949) 844870 or Nev Holmes (01522) 703045


East Anglia – October 2017 newsletter

The October meeting was our 6th anniversary of these Wolseley-based meetings in the Wisbech area and I’ve put together a few photos taken over that period:





You might notice that this latest edition of “Wolseley Times” is a little later than usual but I have been a little busy doing Wolseley things. On Thursday Terry and I “popped” down to Swindon to celebrate the start of a new group and on Saturday I finally got round to replacing the bed springs keeping the front of the 15/60 in the air.

As usual when the “Wise Men (and women) of the East” gather the conversation is not only wide-ranging but also very interesting and this month we covered as many, if not more, subjects than usual. The time flies by and I would really recommend you find the time one month to come and join us… won’t regret it!!!

Firstly we covered some outings held in the weeks since the last gathering. We had a good turn out of cars at Fenland Airfield’s “Wings and Wheels” show and we were delighted to be joined by Stuart King in his 15/50 all the way from Market Harborough. I found it fascinating to see the subtle differences between his car and Paul’s 4/44 and I wish I had taken my camera so I could have photographed the 2 cars side by side,




Fortunately I did take my camera on the run to Bateman’s Brewery at Wainfleet where we were blessed by wonderful sunshine and held up by various pieces of farm machinery. Paul led the cavalcade superbly and when we arrived at Wainfleet we enjoyed a really tasty Sunday roast served by Mr Bateman and a guided tour of the brewery just for our group!! during which we enjoyed tasting samples of the finished product (very good) and samples of the ingredients (not so good).

These reports led to discussions about possible outings for 2017. Ramsey Fire and Steam show, Holt Railway Station, Wings and Wheels and a Road Run were all mentioned along with a combined meeting (Sunday Lunch?) with one of the Register groups that abut our area. If YOU have any event or outing you think would be interesting for our lot to attend please let me know either by e-mail or by turning up at a meeting.

One evening that was arranged was our Christmas Meal which will be held, instead of our usual meeting, on Tuesday 12th December at the “Oliver”. I’ll be sending out menus in the near future so that we can pre-order the meals as last year.

So that’s about it for another month. The days are drawing in, the cars are heading to their garages and the winter jobs and projects are about to start….it never stops does it?

The next meeting is on November 7th at the “Oliver Twist” PE13 4EA starting about 8 o’clock and then, of course, its our Christmas Extravaganza the following month where the new recipient of the Chain Bridge “W” will be announced.

Chris Arnold


East Anglia – September 2017 newsletter

Welcome to the best-selling newsletter for Wolseley owners in Cambridgeshire and delivered to a computer near you. Proof, if it was needed, that Terry and I really do cruise the inland waterways of England and don’t just sit at home with the curtains drawn and pretend. The picture shows “Rufford” making its way from Llangollen to Trevor for a pump-out (much needed if the list to port is anything to go by!).

Meanwhile back inside the pub there is a very respectable turn out of enthusiasts which is really heartening as the nights are starting to close in now. We were moved to the rear of the restaurant as our normal area was being used for a class of beauty therapists who probably looked at this threesome and decided there was little chance of selling a facial that night!

The season is slowly drawing to a close now but we still have 2 outings “on the books”. This coming Sunday (17th)we have a stand for about 6 cars at the Fenland Airfield (Holbeach St. Johns PE12 8RQ) Wings and Wheels Show. This is an excellent easy going show and, I believe, if you mutter the magic words “Wolseley Register” the sea of marshals will part before your eyes! I haven’t been sent any paperwork from the show organisers so I think it is up to the first there to try and grab about 6 parking places. I am going to try and be there for 10 o’clock but other family matters may get in the way.

The following weekend we are proposing a road run to Wainfleet on the 24th to visit the Batemans Brewery. We are meeting at the BP garage and services at Sutton Bridge at 10.30 am ready to move off at 11 o’clock. The brewery offer tours at 12.30 and 4.00 pm and also offer reasonably priced bar snacks from 12.00 to 2.00 pm. There is ample parking I’m told so the more the merrier. If you fancy joining us either at the Brewery or at Sutton Bridge please let me know.

Also, at the meeting, Roger (on behalf of the W.D.H.V.C.) very kindly invited us on their traditional season closing run to the beach café at Heacham. This run, now named the Paul Cousins Memorial Run, is on Sunday 15th October and sets off from St Paul’s Services on the A47 Wisbech By-Pass at 11 o’clock so it is probably best to arrive about 10.30 latest.

Finally, before you put your diaries away, we have an invite to make up some teams for Terry’s Quiz in Leverington Church on October 11th. Roger, Paul and their wives will probably make up 1 team but Karen, Terry and I need all the help we can get especially if you know anything about TV, Films or Sport. As usual I’m happy to have a go at Transport especially if railways or canals are involved.

Finally before the crowd headed out to untangle the parking in the car park we arranged with the Oliver Twist that our Christmas Dinner will be on December 12th in  place of the usual meeting – make a note in your diaries.

Chris Arnold


Beaulieu International Autojumble – 1-3 September 2017

The Wolseley Register stand was well-patronised on its regular double pitch in the Red field at the 2017 International Auto-Jumble.  Members were able to take refreshment and a break from scouring the 2341 stalls spread across the 3 fields.  Wolseley Regalia and a selection of club spares were on sale with membership and technical queries being answered by Register Members.

More than 34,000 visitors attended the event over the weekend of contrasting weather conditions. A full report including details of the cars auctioned can be accessed on the Beaulieu website at:

Jenny & Graham Ryder


NW region visit to HSCC Oulton Park Gold Cup – 26 to 28 August 2017

Bank Holiday weekend saw the NW region attend the Oulton Park Gold Cup at the well-known Cheshire racetrack. This event attracted thousands of visitors and we were amongst the many static exhibits with 7 Wolseleys, a Morris Minor, a Frogeye Sprite and a guest Hornet over the Sunday & Monday.

Racing was throughout each day and included Formula Junior, Formula Ford and a great spread of saloon car racers from the 50s to the 80s including Lotus Cortinas, Minis, Mustangs, Rover SD1s, etc. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a day out to combine nostalgia with the excitement of live racing.

The photos show our group area looking over Cascades & Lakeside and Clive’s 25HP DHC on the track as part of the concours convoy.

Colin Briggs


East Midlands – September newsletter 2017

9th July 2017 Inn on the Green, Allington (Sunday Lunch)

Seventeen members met in Allington for Sunday lunch and parked their cars on the village green outside the pub. Wolseleys forming part of the display of classic cars included the 14/56 of Roy Carrier, 6/80s brought along by Nev Holmes, Jim Green and Stuart Ingamells, the 4/50 owned by Ron Woods. Brian Huskinson brought his 18/85S and David Reid came in a borrowed 18/85. Members attending but bring other makes were Karl Guest in a Daimler V12, Malcolm Dexter in his 1929 Morris Oxford, Billy Dixon with his Ford Anglia and Stuart Nell in his Alvis Speed 20.

28th to 30th July 2017 Wolseley Register National Rally Weekend

A full report can be seen elsewhere on the website, but great thanks must be given to Jim Green for organising such a splendid show at the Kinema in Woodhall Spa that was appreciated by all those attending.

5th and 6th August MVA Rally, Thoresby Hall

Local members, some with ‘dual allegiences’ attended the above event. There will be a report in the next Wolseley World. The picture below includes Wolseleys belonging to members who are also members of the MO and 6/80 Club.

9th August Summer Barbeque, Harlaxton

Nev Holmes, Stuart Ingamells, Stuart Nell and Ron Woods ensured that Wolseleys were on parade at the last barbeque of the summer organised by The Grantham Motor Club. Roy Carrier was present in his Riley RMD.

13th August 2017 Petwood Summer Concours D’Elegance

Nev Holmes and Jim Green attended in their 6/80s, Roger Twelvetrees was present with his 1911 16/20 Record Car and Barry Brackenbury and Malcolm Dexter were in the Master Class having won awards last year with their Wolseley 1500 and Morris Oxford. There was also a very original 6/90 taking part which had travelled from outside the area and a 15/50 belonging to a couple from near Lincoln. Other members participating were Roy Carrier with his Riley RMD and Stuart Nell who won the Petwood Choice Award with his Alvis Speed 20. The sun shone and the jazz band played and many people enjoyed the Hog Roast.

27th August 2017 Syston Park Speed Trials

Wolseley Register members attended the above event. The Speed Trials at Syston Park ran from 1900 to 1935 and have now been revived. They are organised in a way to recreate the atmosphere of a pre-war event and in so doing the entry list is limited to cars and motorcycles built before 1939.

The picture below shows Roger Twelvetrees competing in his Wolseley 16/20 100mph Record Car.

Stuart Nell

NW Run out – Tuesday 15 August 2017

6 classic cars joined the latest NW mid week run, where we drove an 80 mile circuit through some of the most beautiful scenery along the Cumbria and Yorkshire borders.

Our first stop was at the Ribble Head Viaduct on the famous Settle to Carlise railway, where purely by chance, a steam hauled train went over – seemingly just for us! Driving on up the Ribble Valley towards Hawes, we then turned towards Sedburgh and stopped for lunch at the Moorcock, near Garsdale Head.
Sedbergh is a lovely little market town, and was well worth a short stop to have a look round. It was then back towards Kirkby Lonsdale and on to Lupton where our final stop was for an evening meal.
A very enjoyable day amidst spectacular scenery, and a route that we might well look at again in future years. Many thanks to member Dale Lodge for organising it.

Bob Langston

 SE Annual Rally – Sunday 13 August 2017
The Rally was held at the Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre, situated in a disused chalk quarry nestling in the beautiful South Downs, so I think everyone enjoyed their journeys there and back. The weather, which is such an important factor of our outdoor rallies could not have been better, being sunny and warm all day.
The museum collection is quite amazing and has expanded since our last visit some years ago. There is a free, circulating classic bus service around the extensive site every 30 minutes and a narrow-gauge railway which is also free – and today it was pulled by a steam engine. They now have an excellent, modern cafeteria too, offering a surprisingly wide range of snacks and food at very reasonable prices. If you did not join us today you should definitely add it to your future outing list – you will not be disappointed; look on their website for more information.
We had 12 Wolseleys on display, joined by members’ friends with 3 other lovely cars; a Sunbeam 90 Series 3, a TR7 and a Wolseley Hornet Special. A very impressive line-up, creating a great attraction for the other visitors to the museum.  Many photos were taken and intelligent questions asked.
Alan Simmonds    (pictures courtesy of Sheila and Nelson)


 NW visit to St Helens Trasport Museum – Sunday 6th August

Sunday 6th August was the Midland Marques event at St Helens Transport Museum which included 6 Wolseleys from the NW Region. Open-top vintage bus rides were an extra attraction and the museum (which includes a 16/60) has an excellent display of buses of various ages as well as several lorries & cars and is well-worth a visit.
Colin Briggs


East Anglia – August 2017 newsletter

A couple of Sundays ago a small but intrepid gang of Wolseley aficionados parked up in Wisbech Market Place to let our French cousins see what a real English car looks like before Brexit shuts all the ferry terminals although I think Brexit must have struck early as hardly any of the inhabitants of Arles bothered to turn up. They missed seeing 5 great looking cars even though we were rather squeezed into a corner of the Market Place.

2 weeks later it was off to Grantham for this year’s National Rally and Belton House had plenty of room for the 80 odd Register cars to spread out around the edge of the cricket pitch and they looked magnificent on the (mainly) sunny day.

A few East Anglian celebrities caught the eye of our roving cameraman (is there such a word as camerawoman?) Terry as we performed well in the awards again. A really great weekend away with a lot of interest from the general public that were visiting Belton House….well done to everyone who helped to put the show together. (Has anyone got a photo of Terry getting her award?).




It’s was all back to normal this month with our regular meeting returning to the Oliver Twist (PE13 4EA) where we enjoyed reminiscing over the summer so far and looking forward to the back half of the season. This Sunday (13th) it’s the annual Wisbech Road Run, organised by our friends at the W.D.H.V.C., and I shall be marshalling at the Perkins Car Park in Peterborough so, if you’re entering, don’t forget to give me a little wave. We have decided to try and have some sort of club stand at the Fenland Airfield “Wings and Wheels” show on the 17th September and, while you’ve got your diary out, pencil in a road run to Bateman’s Brewery in Wainfleet on Sunday 24th September.

Chris Arnold


East Anglia – July 2017 newsletter

Outing Number 1:

The delights of the North Norfolk Railway’s “Transport Weekend” is becoming a standard in our East Anglian repertoire and I think this is perhaps the best show on the calendar. We had a reserved stand in a prime site next to our Wisbech Historic chums and we welcomed TEN Wolseleys (ELEVEN if you include the Barnard’s “9” tourer which was on a stand nearby) along with a rare sighting of a Wolseley Maxi!! We met up with Guy and Barry from the Bassingbourne as well as other Wolseley owners but I only got time to photo an 18/85 and a 6/80 that showed up. Terry fortunately was out-and-about with her camera and provided the rest of the pictures. Free entry, free trips on the railway and classic buses along with great organisation made this show a winner in my book.



Outing Number 2:

Without a break, the following weekend the intrepid East Anglian Wolseleyist were out and about again this time to Ramsey Steam and Fire Show at the invitation of Register member David Hands. The weather was overcast all day but the rain held off and the W.R,E,A, stand was well filled with 6 exhibits including John’s BSA, David’s beautiful “10” and a rare sighting this time of a P4 Wolseley!

With model steam engines puffing around and firefighting displays in the ring this event is certainly one to consider for next year. Also spotted was a Wolseley stationary engine phut-phutting away and, in the museum, a poster for a Hornet.

Outing Number 3:

This third outing in a month replaced our usual monthly meeting in Guyhirn (as anyone who was waiting for us at the “Oliver” will know). The Museum of Technology, Gadgets and Gizmos opened specially for us and we were able to peruse their small but fascinating collection of items from the 20th century. An eclectic mix of modern and classic cars populated the car park featuring Roger’s P4 Rover, Karen’s Peugeot 205, Eddie and Vickie’s VW Beetle. After the introductory talk another classic was seen approaching on the CCTV monitor. Now who was this arriving in a shocking PINK Beetle? Your secret is safe with me Andy McAdam…..oops. After browsing all these museum items that we used to consider to be normal and everyday what better thing is there to do than reminisce over a good cup of tea? A great evening out and our thanks go to Trevor and Rosie for opening up and welcoming us to their museum. 3 down but there are still 2 more events in this busy month. This Sunday a small group of us will be showing our cars on the Market Place in Wisbech as part of a twinning festival with the French town of Arles. Having found out that Arles is not near the Belgium border but on the Rhone just inland from the Mediterranean Coast we will, of course, be looking for any expenses-paid junket “back to their place” to continue their education in how cars should be built! And then over the weekend of 29th and 30th it’s the Wolseley Register National Rally at Belton House near Grantham. I’m sure you’ve already booked in but it is always OK to turn up on the day if needed.

Chris Arnold


NW run out to the Barrow Dock Museum – 13 July 2017

5 NW Register Wolseleys completed this scenic run of 75 miles round the South Cumbria coastline.

Starting at a convenient meeting point near J36 of the M6, the route followed the old roads along the coastline towards Barrow in Furness. Stopping for an ice cream next to the beach at Bardsea, a couple of very enthusiastic holiday makers from abroad admired the Wolseleys, especially the two Series cars, in which they sat whilst taking many photos of each other.  We hope that it helped to make their day on their holiday!


Driving into Barrow, we stopped at the Barrow Dock Museum for a couple of hours. This small museum is very interesting, vividly depicting life in Barrow throughout the ages, and specifically its ship and submarine building history.

Driving on northwards along the beautiful Duddon estuary, we circled round towards the starting point again, where we ended the day with an evening meal.

Bob Langston


Register visit to the Friends of Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum and Classic Vehicle Show – 8 & 9 July 2017

Several Wolseley Register Members attended the annual weekend event hosted by the Friends of Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum. Furthest travelled was a Wolseley 1500 Mk III complete with caravan which provided accommodation for its owners on site for two nights. A tent and a Motorhome joined them on Saturday, which was also the day of the annual Road Run.

A variety of classic cars assembled on Saturday afternoon with each vehicle being issued a 40 mile route to follow. The instructions included 24 questions, the answers to which were all visible from the car as the route meandered deep into the Wiltshire countryside. Refreshments including a delicious Barbeque were available for the returning participants who discussed the elusive answers across the picnic tables. Prizes were awarded to the first and second place winners.

Approximately 200 classic and vintage vehicles, including motor bikes and tractors, assembled on the rally field from early on Sunday morning. The theme for this year’s event was the celebration of 50 years of the Ford Cortina 1600E. Several club stands were staged as well as numerous individual entries. The Wolseley Register exhibits included no less than three local 1920’s models which attracted much interest. An especially rare sight was two 1927 Wolseley 11/22 E4’s in the same place at the same time. Both are de luxe 4-seater tourers, painted a colour called ‘lake’. This was the first time the two owners had met to discuss and share their experiences. One of the exhibits is now running again after a gradual rebuild over the last 30 years, the current owner having worked on the car many years earlier with the previous owner. The other exhibit actually rolled off the production line 90 years previously to the day and has only been in the care of the current owner for a couple of years.

The third vintage Wolseley was a 16/45 E6, which has a 6-cylinder version of the all-gear overhead camshaft engine. This 1929 saloon has also recently returned to the road after a 21 year rebuild. As well as the 1963 1500 Mk III, two Wolseley 4/44’s were displayed – one by a longstanding Register Member and one by a former member.

Stalls included refreshments, trade stands and a Tombola. Class winners were announced and the Friends’ Annual Draw Prize was made for a 2003 Mazda-MX5 Nevada. This event provided classic car enthusiasts with the opportunity to meet at the only car museum in Wiltshire – more information on the Museum and future events at

Jenny Ryder


East Midlands – May 2017 newsletter

10th May 2017 Barbeque organised by The Grantham Motor Club
Several members attended a meeting of the Grantham Motor Club held on the Sports Field in the attractive village of Harlaxton, As well as a wide variety of cars to look at there was a barbeque and a wide range of beers at the bar.

14th May 2017 Tour of Lincs 100
There was an early start from the Golf Hotel in Woodhall Spa. This year the first half of the route took entrants through the Lincolnshire Wolds from where, because of the beautiful weather, some fantastic views could be enjoyed. The morning drive of 54 miles finished at Uncle Henry’s Farm Shop near Kirton Lindsey. Here all the Wolseley Register members met up to enjoy a picnic together.

Steve and Lynne Rowitt gave their trusty Hornet a rest to give their Mini Mayfair a run out, Nev Holmes and Ron Woods took part in their 6/80 and 4/50 respectively and there were three 1500s entered, two Mk 1s and a Mk III, one by Stuart Ingamells and two others by new members Barry Brackenbury and Terence Last.






The afternoon run went on a circular route around the east of Lincoln to finish at Navenby on the Lincoln ridge overlooking the Trent valley. It was here that we were able to look at the 100 or so entrant’s cars and to have a well-earned cream tea.

28th June 2017 Lunch Meeting at The Brewery, Old Dalby
Twenty one met for lunch at The Brewery, Old Dalby, home of Belvoir Ales. Needless to say there was a complete selection of their products to sample. Because of the inclement weather there was only one Wolseley. Roy and Suzanne Carrier arrived in their recently acquired, ex Chris Cowell, 1938 Wolseley 14/56.

9th July 2017 Inn on the Green, Allington (Sunday Lunch)
We have been asked to arrive about 10.00 am to park our cars. Lunch has been booked at the Welby Arms . There is hoped to be a flypast of the BBMF Lancaster.
10th July 2017 Noggin and Natter
The Woodcocks, Burton Waters near Lincoln
23rd July 2017 Picnic in the Park at West Ashby near Horncastle
23rd July 2017 VSCC Cadwell Park
28th to 30th July Wolseley Register National Rally Weekend
Based near Woodhall Spa on the Saturday and Belton Park on the Sunday
5th and 6th August 2017 Morris Vehicle Association Rally
Road run and static display based at Thoresby Hall, The Wolseley Register will be present.
13th August 2017 Petwood Summer Concours D’Elegance
At the Petwood House Hotel in Woodhall Spa
14th August 2017 Noggin and Natter
The Woodcocks, Burton Waters near Lincoln
10th September 2017 Derbyshire Run
A run into Derbyshire calling in at Hartington Show to form part of a display of cars
11th September 2017 Noggin and Natter
The Woodcocks, Burton Waters near Lincoln.

Further details of the events can be obtained from Stuart Nell (01949) 844870 or Nev Holmes (01522) 703454.


East Anglia – June 2017 newsletter

The Wolseley Times

I think this is a moment to give three rousing cheers to the Wolseley owners who turned the car park of the “Oliver Twist” into a classic car emporium this month. Amazingly there were no fewer than 7 classics either with Wolseley badges on the front or owned by Register members or supporters. To guide you through this cornucopia of Wolseley wonders (I really must stop watching the “Good Old Days”) we have Roland and Chris’s “6”s (does that equate to a Wolseley “12” and how often have 2 of them been in the same car park?), Eric’s Police Rover, Kev and Bridget’s MG, Terry’s 15/60, Rod’s 1500 and last, but by no means least, Karen’s trusty Maxi. A fantastic turnout for what is, after all, a small local group and congratulations to all.

The July meeting of the East Anglian group will be held at “The Museum of Technology at Throckenholt (PE12 0QR)” with a slightly earlier start time of 7:00pm. This museum features “Gadgets and Gizmos” developed during the 20th century and Trevor, the owner of the collection, will be on hand during the evening to explain and demonstrate the exhibits where possible. The entry charge for the evening will be a mere £5 per person and this price INCLUDES a cup of coffee or tea! They have a fairly large, and very photogenic, car park so if you fancy blowing the cobwebs off your classic why not meet up in the car park about 7pm?

Before then we have yet another outing for your consideration. Over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd July a number of us, along with the caravan gang from the W.D.H.V.C., will be enjoying the delights of the North Norfolk Railway at Holt. This event has been very enjoyable over the last couple of years and I really recommend you coming along. We have 9 cars booked in and, hopefully, we’ll be able to attach ourselves to the side of the Wisbech Club display so we will look bigger than ever!

And there you have it… a busy month ahead with many outings and a change of meeting venue so no-one can complain “there’s nothing going on in East Anglia!!!!

Chris Arnold


NW visit to Leyland Commercial Vehicle Museum’s Austin/Morris/MG/Wolseley Day – 11 June 2017

A fascinating museum which celebrates the history of Leyland Motors in the town, it includes the first Marks & Spencer Lorry & a Popemobile; pictured is Bob Leyland’s Wolseley Ten with a 1927 Leyland Lioness ‘charabanc’ which gave rides round the surrounding area throughout the day.

Colin Briggs


NW visit to the Lion Salt Works and Road Rally – 10 & 11 June 2017

This was the second year of the Lion Salt Work Water and Road Rally and the 1st time the Wolsely Register attended. It is a small friendly and informal rally combining both road and water transportation in an interesting industrial museum setting. The Lion Salt Works was the last operating open pan salt works and closed in 1986. However, after extensive Lottery Funding, restoration and preservation of the works was completed and the Works was opened to the public and has won many awards since.

There were a diverse selection of vehicles, traction engines, lorries, vans, motorcycles and cars in attendance. Children were treated to rides behind scale models of traction engines, most of which were registered and ran on the road. Moored next to the museum were the narrow boats and you were made most welcome to “ step aboard” and see how life used to be living and working on a narrow boat and the cramped conditions families lived onboard endured.

Two Wolseley Register cars attended (both ADO16 models), Thelma Waddilove’s Duo Tone Green 1100 MkI and Millie Ashcroft with her recently acquired Green 1300 Mk II automatic. Both cars drew appreciative comments from the organisers and public alike. Usual comments included, “my (grand)father owned one of these.” “ Lovely smooth suspension”.

The museum gave a guided tour of the works outlining the history of mining salt in the Northwich area beginning with the Romans through to closure in 1986. How the Lion Salt Works operated and the people who owned and the people that worked there in very tough and unpleasant working conditions. The majority of the machinery is still in place and the affects the salt has had over the years is still evident.

The setting for this rally is unique, which made for an interesting and different day. Well worth attending next year or even just dropping by

Ian Ashcroft


NW stand at The Tatton Park Classic Car Spectacular – 3rd & 4th June 2017

11 Wolseleys, comprising the ex-Lord Nuffield 25HP DHC, 2 Mini Hornets, 2 1300s, 18/85, Hornet Special, 16/60, 1100, 1500 & a SIII 12/48, plus a rare Series 1 XJ6 & a P6 Rover, were displayed on the NW stand at Tatton Park over 3rd & 4th June.

We have been attending this event for 30 years now & as usual there was a huge number & variety of classic vehicles to enjoy around the show, as well as Tatton Hall & Gardens itself. An enjoyable, busy weekend was had talking our old cars to the many visitors to the stand. with some new members joining the club as well, making the show once again very worthwhile.

Colin Briggs


East Anglia – May 2017 newsletter

The Wolseley Times

Welcome all to the all-singing-and-dancing May Edition of the Wolseley Times. This month, just to be different, I’m starting with something that happened BEFORE the meeting at the “Oliver Twist”. On Sunday John and Janice, along with Elgood’s Brewery, arranged a display of classic cars in the gardens which was very well attended by our Wolseley group. 8 great looking cars were displayed under the “East Anglian Wolseley” banner (4 Wolseleys, 2 Rovers 1 Ford and 1 BSA) so well done to everyone who brought their cars along to be admired by the many visitors who turned up on the day. Also exhibiting an impressive display of classic cars were the Wisbech & District Historic Car Club. It didn’t take long for the banter to start when Paul shot one across John’s bows by suggesting perhaps B.S.A stands for “bring some anthracite”! It doesn’t smoke that much does it? How John managed to organise an uninsured van driver to take a swipe at Paul’s day car we shall never know! Given the good weather we enjoyed all day the “Park-up-in-a-Brewey” event was a very pleasant event and our thanks must go to John and Janice for putting it together.

And then just when I thought Elgood’s Spring event was all over, what should I find at the breakfast table but this picture of our illustrious Treasurer staring back at me from the newspaper. It quite put me off my Soggies!

Meanwhile far, far away in a Guyhirn pub…… 2  good-looking hunks of metal from the last century (doesn’t that make you feel old?) adorned the car park. Roland’s uber-reliable “6” and Terry’s normally-reliable 15/60 which disgraced itself by a non-appearance on Drive-it-Day. Mind you I’ve just discovered a weeping front wheel cylinder so perhaps the car was trying to tell me something!

Inside the “Oliver” the wise and good of East Anglia were gathered (I really must go to Specsavers) and discussions were soon flowing as they always do. Events and outings took up some of the time with the “hot off the press” edition of Roger’s “Events List” being passed around. Thanks were expressed to Roger for producing this useful tome for us every month and his latest version is included alongside this edition of Wolseley Times. We decided, as a group, to have a stand at Ramsey Steam and Fire Show on Sunday 9th July and at the Arles festival in Wisbech on Sunday 16th July. If you would like to display your car at either of these shows please let me know by giving me a ring. Because of all this activity in July, it was agreed that the run to Bateman’s brewery in Wainfleet would have to be held on a Saturday in August. It was also agreed to hold the normal Tuesday meeting in July at “The Museum of Technology” in Throckenholt and confirmation of this will be included in the June edition of Wolseley Times.

With other trips to the North Norfolk Railway at Holt on the 2nd July and Gentleman’s Day at Newmarket on 14th July it looks like being another busy summer in Wolseleyland! To keep up to date why not come along to our next meeting at “The Oliver Twist” Guyhirn (PE13 4EA) on Tuesday 13th June starting about 8 o’clock. See you there?

Until then…..   Drive  Wisely – Drive  Wolseley!

Chris Arnold


NW Region Run around the Wirral – Wednesday 10 May 2017

Wednesday 10th May saw 9 NW members in 4 Wolseleys touring round the Wirral Peninsula. Stops were made at New Brighton & then Royden Park where we were treated to trips, out of hours, on the Wirral Model Engineering Society’s railway. Many thanks to our host there, Alan Pennell who gave us a wonderful afternoon to remember, most of us having had a new experience driving the train. The day wound up with a great meal at the Boat Inn at Parkgate. Thanks to Bob Leyland for organising a splendid day’s run, & for ordering the glorious weather.

Colin Briggs


East Midlands – May 2017 newsletter

22nd March 2017 Mid Week Lunch at Kirby la Thorpe

Twenty met for lunch at this popular venue near Sleaford. An excellent meal was enjoyed by all. The food was excellent and the service was superb.

23rd April 2017 Drive it Day

Everyone gathered at The Old Forge Tearooms at Muston who opened early for us so we could start the day with a nice cup of coffee. Route instructions were issued and the participants set off when they were ready. The route left Muston by a narrow road to Stenwith crossing the old Nottingham – Grantham canal by means of a humped back bridge en route. Taking a right turn took everyone to Woolsthorpe by Belvoir.

Belvoir Castle, the seat of the Dukes of Rutland and perched on an escarpment, dominates the landscape. The road climbed through Woolsthorpe by Belvoir passing under a bridge taking one of the main drives to the Castle, before entering the pretty village of Harston. From there the road descends down a valley to Knipton. The observant will have noticed all the new planting of woods and creation of new lakes in the Belvoir Park. The Duchess of Rutland came across some plans in the library drawn up by Capability Brown in the eighteenth century which were never completed. She decide with the help of Alan Titchmarsh to complete Brown’s scheme.

Taking a left turn after leaving Knipton took the ‘tourists’ to the pretty Villages of Eaton on the Hill and Branston. The route deviated slightly so everyone could admire the view of the vale from the top of Stathern Hill. Proceeding to Eastwell the route followed the road along the Belvoir Ridge before crossing the A606 at the top of Broughton Hill. Crossing underneath the A46 at Six Hills we took a left turn to Barrow on Soar and thence to Quorn for the lunch halt at the Manor House. The pub was situated next to the Quorn station of The Great Central Railway so we were treated to the sight of one or two steam trains!

The first part of the drive had covered 29.5 miles but after lunch participants started on the 49.8 mile drive back to Muston. From Quorn the route took people to Woodhouse and skirting the village of Woodhouse Eaves through the picturesque Charnwood Forest to near Newton Linford. Before entering this village we turned off but not before passing ‘Old John’ a folly in Bradgate Park. This tankard shaped building stands on top of a hill from which the ruins of the house of Bradgate Park is visible. Bradgate Park was the family home of Lady Jane Grey who famously ruled Britain for a matter of days before being executed along with her husband.

Eventually the route took everyone through Oaks in Charnwood, close to the working monastery of Mount St. Bernard’s Abbey to cross the A512 near Shepshed. Skirting this village we went via Long Whatton to cross the A6 near Zouch. Passing by Stanford on Soar Hall which is being developed to be a hospital for the rehabilitation of soldiers who have suffered horrific injuries, we briefly took the A60 from Rempstone to Costock. From here we passed through an area known as the Nottinghamshire Wolds to the pretty villages of Wysall and Widmerpool.

Crossing over the A46 we descended into The Vale of Belvoir again to Kinoulton and then to Colston Bassett. Partly hidden from the road is Colston Basset Hall which was the home of the Knowles and later the Le Marchant families. The present building is reputedly said to have been designed by Sir Charles Barry who was the architect of the houses of parliament. Leaving the village we passed by the Colston Bassett Creamery where the Stilton cheese favoured by Princess Anne is produced.

From Harby the route took the ‘six mile straight’ through the Vale before going up a hill to Belvoir and eventually back to the Old Forge Tearooms where a well- earned cup of tea awaited.


8th May  2017 Noggin and Natter
                The Woodcocks, Burton Waters near Lincoln

10th May 2017 Barbeque organised by The Grantham Motor Club
                We have been invited to this event at the playing fields in Harlaxton

14th May  2017 Tour of Lincs 100
A 100 mile drive through the Lincolnshire Wolds

 12th June 2017 Noggin and Natter           
                The Woodcocks, Burton Waters near Lincoln

Mid June Mid week lunch
                Details to follow

2nd July 2017 Mermaid Classic Tour
                A classic car tour organised by The Mablethorpe and District Motor Club

9th July 2017 Sunday Lunch at Allington
Lunch has been booked for 12:00 for 12:30 and we can take part in the display of classic cars on the village green.

29th to 30th July Wolseley Register National Rally            
                Saturday will be based around Woodhall Spa and Sunday around Belton House
Further details of the events can be obtained from Stuart Nell (01949) 844870 or Nev Holmes (01522) 703454

Stuart Nell


East Anglia Region – Drive it Day – Sunday 23 April 2017

Having enjoyed the company of local clubs and groups for the last 2 years by joining their road runs, this year we decided to “do our own thing” for Drive-it-Day and 4 fine looking Wolseleys assembled at the Orchard Tearooms for a gentle trip down the lanes north of Cambridge. From left to right we had Roland’s 6, Barry’s 15/60, Paul’s 4/44 and my 25. It would have been 6 but 2 cars “threw a sickie”: Karen’s Maxi was in need of a new starter and Terry’s 15/60 failed to make the end of the road let alone the start line. The cavalcade set out but were unfortunately denied a run down March High Street and over the town’s river bridge by a Saint George’s Day fair. Just after the level crossing at Holme we met up with Kevin & Bridget’s New Fourteen and John’s BSA. On we went ( at a very gentle rate so the BSA could keep up!) to the Ferry Boat beside the river at Holywell. Here we met Guy and Hilary in their 12/48 and very soon the assembled cars were quite rightly attracting a great deal of interest from the other pub-goers.

The “Ferry Boat” looked after us extremely well with a room put aside just for us and delicious food arriving very promptly. As this was East Anglian Wolseleys on their own there were a few less cars involved than in the previous 2 years but the L.P.M. (laughs per mile) factor seemed higher than ever making this yet another “Grand Day Out” Grommit!!

I heard afterwards that Paul’s 4/44 didn’t quite get home unaided and, with the15/60 not even arriving, we rather reran the “Piston Broke” awards ceremonies of 2013 and 2015. In both breakdowns it turned out to be a small wire not making perfect contact but, unlike there more modern cousins, both cars were running again on Monday with no outlay on parts (and no resorting to a laptop computer whatever one of those is).

Chris Arnold

NW Region – Drive it Day – Sunday 23 April 2017
Drive-it-Day for the ‘southern’ part of the NW region saw 17 of us in 5 Wolseleys, 2 MGs, a Rover and a vintage Clyno, visit the wonderful Arley Hall in Cheshire, where tours of the house & magnificent gardens were enjoyed. This venue will be well worth visiting later in the summer too, when different plants will be in bloom. Afterwards, there was just time for a quick look at the Anderton Boat Lift, followed by an excellent meal at the nearby Stanley Arms to celebrate one of our number’s special birthday!
Colin Briggs


Midlands Region – Drive-It-Day – Sunday 23 April 2017

Several Register Members took up the invitation of the Birmingham Branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club to join their annual rally at Wythall Transport Museum near Birmingham.

Open Class entries from Midlands Members  line up in front of the Bus Museum

This provided a wide selection of Minors on show with a number of other marques in the Open Class and plenty of buses as well.  Bus rides and the indoor museum exhibits added to the attractions.

Wolseley 15/50

Wolseley 24/80 and Wolseley 16/60

Register Members exhibiting non-Wolseleys were awarded places in the Open Class and two of the Morris Minor classes.

Austin Cambridge Open Class 2nd place and Wolseley 1500 Mk III – both entered by Register Members

Jenny Ryder


S E Region  Drive-it-Day – Sunday 23 April 2017
We made our way in light traffic to Beckenham Cemetery to meet up at 12.00 and visit F Y Wolseley’s grave. Jim’s Super Six and Alan’s 6/80 were photographed there.Nelson’s New Fourteen is undergoing repairs so he came in his modern Audi 6 and very kindly brought a beautiful bouquet to lay on the grave. For anyone wishing to visit F Y Wolseley’s grave, they might be interested to know that WG Grace is also buried there, and only a few yards from F Y Wolseley!
Led by Nelson and leaving together to drive to the Coach House at Bexleyheath, we arrived in good time for the 2.00 pm planned lunch even though we had to fight our way for most of the journey in intense traffic, made worse due to a huge part of nearby south east London being closed to traffic for the London Marathon.  We were pleased to see Dave Allen, with Pat’s help, was waiting for us with his 10 HP Tourer, which had it’s first outing in 6 years and John and Yvonne had come with their smart 4/44. There were nine of us who enjoyed an excellent carvery lunch and passed a very pleasant couple of hours together before battling our ways home.
A really enjoyable day but it strengthened our resolve wherever possible, to plan our events away from, rather than into the London area, which is not at all compatible with classic cars.

Alan Simmonds


Midlands – Pride of Longbridge Rally, 15th April 2017

Several Wolseleys and other classic vehicles graced the Wolseley Register stand at the Pride of Longbridge Rally on Saturday 15 April.



Many local visitors and non-exhibiting Register Members were welcomed and everyone enjoyed a cool but dry day.  More Wolseleys were spotted around the rally field.  Thanks to all supported the Register at this annual event to commemorate the anniversary of the closure of the Longbridge works in 2005.

Jenny Ryder