Before making any payments at the ‘checkout’ please telephone or e-mail the Regalia Manager if you have any queries at all about the postage charges, particularly for Overseas rates.

Payment Options: payment can be made online by Credit or Debit card, by PayPal, Bank Transfer or cheques/postal orders can be posted to the Regalia Manager.  Please choose the required option at the Checkout.  The Bank Transfer Option asks the customer to email the Treasurer for the appropriate codes.  PayPal is one of the options provided when Credit Card via WorldPay is selected.

Payment Enquiries: For any problems or queries about Online Shop payments, please contact the TreasuryTeam, or telephone 01524 761409.  For those who prefer not to use the online payment option, card details can be taken by phone or over several emails (it is advised not to put all details in one message) to be processed manually.  Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque.

UK postage and packing: The amount due will be automatically calculated in the Cart. The ‘flat rate’ is currently 15% of the total order.

FREE SHIPPING is offered for all UK purchases where the total value of the products exceeds £75. To activate this, ‘Free Shipping’ will need to be picked before proceeding to the checkout, so that the automatic flat rate shipping charge is removed from the total due.

Overseas postage: Before proceeding to the checkout, please e-mail the Regalia Manager, stating which products you wish to purchase and where they are to be delivered to. When informed of the amount, which will be the actual cost to the nearest £1,  please include the ‘Overseas Postage’ product along with your other product selection. The ‘Overseas Postage’ products are valued at £0.50, £1 or £5 per unit, so in your cart, please use most convenient product/s and increase the number of units if necessary until the total value equates to the postage quoted by the Regalia Manager. Then just select ‘Local Pick Up’ to ensure that you are not charged the standard UK postage rate on top of your order.

Overseas orders exceeding £75 will be taken into consideration when the amount of postage to be added is advised.

Collection in person: If you wish to collect your products in person, e.g. at a forthcoming Classic Car Show where the Wolseley Register will be present, please select the ‘Local Pick Up’ button and enter the pickup details in the ‘Order Note’ on the Checkout screen. The Regalia Manager will then contact you to confirm.

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Overseas postage: please refer to the note above regarding overseas postage rates.

Payments for Rally bookings: no shipping charges are required for payments for booking of any National Rally fees – if a shipping charge appears in the cart, please mark as “Local Pick-up” to remove the charge.