Autojumble – 2

The following list of parts include both remanufactured Wolseley items and other parts from unknown models and marques. All classic car enthusiasts are welcome to either purchase any parts, or just help to identify any models that the parts may fit. Please email the Spares Coordinator (Andy Wells) if you should wish to discuss any of them.

Wolseley Register Spares are sold in good faith, however, please note that all parts are sold as seen, untested and with no warranty.

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Tranco Engine Valves:
NOS. Part number 2070.
Exhaust Valves (High Chrome Silicon). To fit Austin 3.5 tonner (1940-45). 3 in box.

Tranco Engine Valves:
NOS. Part Numbers -
New 105.2070, Old X2070.
BLMC Exhaust valves.
Full box of 6.

Tranco Engine Valves:
NOS. Part number 105.2623.
BMC Inlet valves.
Full box of 4.

Tranco Engine Valves:
NOS. Part number 105.2624.
BLMC Exhaust valves.
Full box of 4.

Tranco Engine Valves:
NOS. Part number SAS 2866.
MG Exhaust valves (Armoured Seats).
2 in box.

Tranco Engine Valves:
NOS. Part number SC.3248.
Riley/MG Inlet valves (Silicon Chrome).
3 in box.

Tranco Valve Springs:
For Austin A90.
NOS. Part number 8644.
7 in box.

James Engine Valves:
For Austin A70 / Morris LC5 (1951-54).
NOS. Part number 2055.
2623 - Inlet valves.
3 in box.

Halls Oil Seal:
NOS. Part number D638.
Rear Hub. (Poss equivalent to Payen NA769)
(Int.diam - 9cm, Ext.diam - 11.2cm).

Payen Oil Seal:
NOS. Part number D431.
Rear hub.
(Int.diam - 6.2cm, Ext. diam - 9.8cm).

Morse Timing Chain:
NOS. Part number 3 DRX.
52 links.

BMC Engine Valves:
NOS. Part number 1B1806.
Exhaust valves -  360 FG.
Dated - 06/10/1969.
1 per box, 4 boxes.

BL Timing Chain:
NOS. Part number
??S350 F1,  2H 4286.
Dated - 01/10/1981.

Glacier Shell Bearings:
NOS. Part number SG5.
Set of 8 in box.

Glacier Shell Bearings:
NOS. Part number SG4.
5 shells in box.

Vandervell Shell Bearings:
NOS. Part number
VPE 18A.
Set of 8 in box.

BMC Petrol Pipe:
NOS. Part number
AEC 952,  PFP 203.
Dated - 10/07/1967.

Unipart Knuckle Rod:
NOS. Part number
AMK 5851, .J73.
Dated - 01/04/1977.

NOS. Unknown maker or size.
Unknown application.

Riley 1.5 dashboard & top rail:
Used. Missing 1 switch. Some water damage to left hand end of dash, otherwise in nice condition.

Pair rear side arm rests:
Used. In pale blue leather, possibly from a Mk6 Bentley. Very good circular bakelite ashtrays with diameter 2 1/4".

Oil Pump:
Used. Unknown model. Turns OK.

Large timing chains x2:
Used. Unkown model. Look to be in reasonable condition. No connecting links.

Single Track Rod End:
NOS. Similar to Series III, but with shorter threaded end

Pair Track Rod Ends:
NOS. unusual adjustable ball. Different thread to the Series cars.

AC Air Filter - Part No. 7978753 Type PC12:
NOS. Possibly fits:
Triumph Vitesse 1600 & 2000 (1966 to 71)
1500 (1973 to 76)
1500TC (1963 to 73)
GT6 I/II/III (1966 to 74)

Pair rear light units (unknown model):
Used. With gaskets but no bulb holders. Chrome nor perfect, and 1 tail light lens has small chip.

Chromed Arms:
Used. 1 pair + 1 single. Chrome not perfect.

Pair 6" Raydyot yellow fog lamps:
Used. Good condition. Black backs.Complete with mounting brackets.

Lucas 5.5" spot lamp:
Used. Complete with mounting. Reflector has a little rust. Good chrome body with one little dent at the rear.

Pair Lucas L692 stop/tail lights:
Used. Good condition.

Indicator light unit:
Used. Possibly to fit motorcycle, as it has a bar fittimg clamp. Excellent condition, plus 1 spare lens.

Pair Commercial Indicator units:
Used.7.5" long - possibly vintage bus or lorry? Reasonable condition.

Wipac 5.5" spotlight lens:
Used. Good condition.

Lucas 2.5" diameter reflectors:
Used. Chrome bezel and rubber housing. Poor condition.

Lucas rectangular plastic reflectors:
Used. 2.75" long. SAE A69. Good condition.

Lucas 2.25" glass lenses:
Used. Shallow cups. 3 orange, 1 red, 2 plain (1 painted orange). Good condition.

Lucas 2.25" glass lenses:
Used. Deep cups. 7 orange, 2 red, 2 plain. Good condition.

Lucas 2.25" chrome bezels:
Used. To fit the glass lenses. Good condition.

Chromed Bezels:
Used. Both Straight and Angled.

Interior Chrome Door
Pull Handle:
Used. Excellent condition, with screws. Fitted to some Farina models as well as other marques.

Earth Strap:
NOS. 11" long.

Voltage Regulator:
Used. Unknown model.
Metal base and cover. Excellent internal electrics.
5 terminals - similar to Lucas RB106 models.

Suspension Bushes:
NOS. 1" long, 7/8" external diameter, 1/2" diameter central hole.

Pack 4 Champion N9YC Spark Plugs:

Alexander Universal Locking choke cable:
NOS. 1.5M long.

Philips 'All Transistor' Radio:
Used. Missing control knobs. Unknown condition.

Plain Hubcap:
Used. 9 1/4" diameter. Stainless steel. Very slight dent in centre.

Early Mini Hubcap:
Used. Stainless steel.

Ace Rim Embellisher:
Used. 14" diameter. Good condition.

Set 4 Wheel Embellishers:
Used. 14" diameter. Reasonable condition.

3 Matching Wheel Embellishers:
Used. 14" diameter. Reasonable condition.

Stainless Steel Side Trims:
Used. Good condition. U shaped. 2 x 18", 2 x33".

Stainless Steel Side Trims:
Used. Thin. 3 x 33 1/2".

AP Lockheed Clutch Slave Cylinder:
Used. Part No. 3232 673C stamped on the body, but SAP 5101 on the box. Looks OK, but requires freeing.

Stainless Steel Trim:
NOS. Thin, U shaped. Painted black. 49" long.

Rubber Mountings:
Used. Unknown application.

Battery Strap:
NOS. Maker - Ring. Red, 24" long.

Interior Mirror:
Used. Good chrome & glass.

In Line Fuel Filter:
NOS. Japanese manufacture.

Exhaust to Manifold Clamp:
NOS. To fit approx. 1.5" pipe.

Radiator Hose:
NOS. 7/8" bore.


Timken Wheel Bearing - part no. GHB110:
NOS - in Unipart box.
To fit: Outer front - Anglia 105E & 123E (1959-67); Cortina 113E, 118E, GT (1962-65); Triumph Herald (1959-on); TR4, 4A, 5 (1961-on). Outer rear - Tiumph 1300 (1965-on).

Heater Control Knob & Mechanism:

Push Rod:
NOS. Leyland Part No. 17H 4007.

Linkage Arm:
Used. 7 1/2" long.

Starting Handle - possibly for a 6/99 6/110:
Used. 3/4" diameter. 19" from the dog to the 1st bend, 7 1/2" to the second bend, 3 1/2" long handle.

Ford Jack - part no. 79-BB-17080-AA:
Used. Possibly to fit Cortina?

Electrical Leads   - various:
Used. Battery Leads,   Earth Straps & ignition leads.

Oil Pipe:
Used. Unknown model.  1/2" internal diameter, 14" long straight, 6" short straight.

Twin SU Carbs - 2 sets:
Used. Unknown model. One
set complete with everything moveable , one set incomplete. Both will require refurbishing.

Riley 1.5 Twin SU Carbs with Manifold:
Used. Requires refurbishing. Includes air manifold.

Twin SU Carbs with electric choke:
Used. Unknown model. Requires refurbishing.

Bottom Hose:
Unipart part no GRH342.
To fit:
Jaguar 420 (radiator to bottom pipe);
Ford Transit (1965, both dynamo & alternator).

QH part no RH1042.

Steering Gaitor:
Used. Unknown model, Good condition.

SU twin fuel pumps. Type AUA11 LP 12V:
Used. Fitted to:
Aston Martin DB2, Vantage, DB2/4, DB MkIII,
and Pre 1950 Lagondas.

Bottom Hose:
The label part nos read:
To fit: Ford Escort 1100, 1300 (1969-71);
Ford Cortina MkII 1600GT (1966-69);
Ford Cortina MkIII 1300, 1600, 2000 (1970-71).

Top Hose:
The label part nos. reads
To fit: Ford Escort & Capri.

Pair door hinges:
Used. Unknown model.

Front stabiliser - part no RSB102:
New. To fit Ford Cortina front axle left or right Stabiliser Anti Roll Drop Link to fit most Cortina models from 1966 to 1987.

Mowog Clamp:
Used. Unknown model.

Blaupunkt Push Button Radio:
Used. 12V, untested. Complete with speaker, cables and original instruction booklet.

Trico square glass washer bottle:
NOS. (Narrower than the standard Wolseley bottles…).

Water Valve switch:
Used - does 2 pipes.

Early manual push washer pump:

Washer Jets:
Used. 1 double & 1 single.

Disc Brake Pin Kit - to fit Vauxhall, Opel, Bedford:
NOS. Made by ‘Betta Parts’ , with part number BG41/S.
To fit:
Bedford: Astravan (1979 on)
Opel: Ascona(non vented 1950 on); Corsa (1983 on); Kadette D (non vented 1980 on); Manta 1.8, 2.0D (non vented 1978 on)
Vauxhall: Astra 1.2, 1.3, 1.6 (1980 on); Belmont 1.3, 1.6 (1985 on); Carlton (non vented 1984 on); Carlton (rear 1987 on); Cavalier 1.3, 1.6, (1981 on); Nova (1983 on)