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The following list of parts include both remanufactured Wolseley items and other parts from unknown models and marques. All classic car enthusiasts are welcome to either purchase any parts, or just help to identify any models that the parts may fit. Please email the Spares Coordinator (Andy Wells) if you should wish to discuss any of them.

Wolseley Register Spares are sold in good faith, however, please note that all parts are sold as seen, untested and with no warranty.

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Wolseley 1500 / Riley 1.5
Front Quarterlight Rubbers:
Exact replicas of the factory originals (even of being made from a single mould per side), but produced in EPDM rather than natural rubber, so that they will not dry and crack over time.  Top quality items!
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Series III  Overrider Rubbers:
Complete with embedded backing plate, fixing tangs and nut.
To fit: 16/65, 18/85 and all SuperSix Models.
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Series Head Gaskets:
Copper sandwich gaskets made with modern non asbestos filling.
2 gasket sizes to fit:
Series II & III 14hp - based on original Payen number 1948.
Series II & III 18hp - based on original Payen number 1928.
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Series Manifold Gaskets:
Same size fits all Series II & III 14, 16 & 18hp models. Based on Payen number M3495.
2 types available:
Original type copper sandwich gaskets made with modern non asbestos filling.
Later type graphite FGS gaskets.
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p1130475Miscellaneous SU carb parts:

misc-conrodsMiscellaneous Con rods:
NOS. The rods have the following part numbers:
Mowog 13202
Mowog 15040 (D9?)
M010 (RN16 VNP)

p1130488Power Steering Pump:
NOS. Unknown model.

Skoda rear cross member:
New. Believed to fit a Fabia.

bmc-unknown-bdh-3983BMC model interior wood trim:
NOS. Part number BDH 3983

bmc-unknown-adh-3889BMC model interior wood trim:
NOS. Part number ADH 3889

p1130485Wing Mirror:
Used - in good condition.

Door Glass:
Used. Unknown application. 15" high, 15 14/4" wide. No fitments.

p1130492Oil Filter:
NOS. Part No. GFE229.
Commonly used on many Audis, VWs, Fiats, Seats and Porsches between the 1970's  and the 1990's.


p1130496Clutch release bearing:
NOS. Make - RHP, Automotive Bearings Part No. AB57

NOS. Make - Powertrain, Part No. PCTS102.

p1130499Landrover dipswitch:
NOS. Part No. RCT482

p1130501Number Plate backplate:
NOS. Unipart GTT131

Used. Unknown model.

Rubber Bushes:
NOS. Unknown model, 2" diameter, 1" high.

Pair 8" Lucas headlights:
Used. Unknown part number. Painted black and with no dents, they come complete with body mountings, reflectors and convex lenses.

Chrome Trim:
NOS.  Labelled - 'QTR LIGHT FINISH. R-B QTY ONE'.  Part No is 316(31G?) 1624(162?)
Wrapped in original 'BMC Parts' wrapping.
Possibly the inserts for the rear quarter lights for the 2-door 1100/1300 model.

Used. Not a pair.

p1130509Indicator switch:
NOS. Lucas - unknown model.

Lucas Generator:
Type B90 22449E 12volt. Factory exchange unit, boxed and unused.

p1130507Tail lamp lens:
Used. Unknown model. Good condition, all clips still intact.

p1130510Main bearings:
NOS. Part Numbers AEF13 & 162304. Unknown model.

p1130511Seals / Bushes:
NOS. To fit 10mm shaft, external diameter 20mm - unknown fitment.

p1130514Chrome trim:
NOS. Has the number 752791 on the underside.

p1130518Clutch pressure plate:
NOS. Unknown model.

p1130519Chrome trim:
NOS. Has number BD47664 C395.E3 on it.
71" long.

p1130520Austin 1800 wheel trim x 4:
3 NOS + 1 used but in
excellent condition.

Brake Linings:
NOS. Duron VA/32/1. Set of 4. No rivets. Unknown application.

p1130524Various Number Plate Lamps:
Used. Unknown models.

p1130543Power steering pump:
Hobourn Eaton 550 0022/F14

Leaf Spring - 1:
Used. Unknown model.

Leaf Spring - 2:
Used. Unkown Model.

Diff Circlip:
Description as per label

Heater Controls Front:

Ignition Lead set:
Used.  For a 4 cyclinder engine.

p1130544Gearbox with Overdrive:
Gearbox has number 22B 168 stamped on it, & Overdrive has number R40B-1

p1130565Various chrome strips:
Unknown - enquire for lengths

p1130566Various Handbrake Levers:

Lucas XD 714-3 Headlight Lens:
Used. Also has 505461.C. M 1 on the glass. 7 3/4" diameter, very convex. Good condition.

Lucas DS714 MIA Headlight Lens:
Used. 7 3/4" diameter, slightly convex. Good condition.

p11305699" headlamp reflector & solenoid:

p1130570Lucas 9" headlamp shells & rims:
Part Nos. LBD166S and LBD148

p1130571Various headlamp bits:

Semaphore plates:
NOS. 10.5 inches long.

6" headlamp reflectors:
Used. 2 with solenoids, unknown condition. Need resilvering.

6" headlamp lenses:
Used. 2 x cats eye & 1 horseshoe pattern. Good condition.

6" headlamp rims:
Used. Slightly different, ie.not
a pair. Imperfect.

Plain flat circular glass:
NOS. 7 1/2" diameter and 1/8" thick.

p1130577Set of 4 door cappings:

p1130576Suspension Arm:
Has 'TRI 5740 41 d 70' stamped on it


Side Repeater Light:

Assorted pipes and brackets:
Rest is possibly 6/90?

Custom Oil Trap:
NOS. Possibly 6/90?

Rootes Minx, Hunter, Gazelle, Brake shoes:
NOS.  1 pair, suitable for years 1964-5.
Part No SL19 LB102

Battery Clamp bars:

Badge Bar:
Used. 32" long.

Assorted car tools:

Mechanical Fuel Pump:
Used. Make - AC

Bakelite Trim Pieces:
Used. Good condition, 'art deco' design. Lucas made.  Unknown marque / model.

Pair brake shoes:
Used, but plenty of wear remaining. Possibly Riley 1.5?

Shackle Pins:
NOS. Unknown models.

Rear Spring U bolts:
NOS. Different Sizes.

Assorted Valves:
Please enquire with dimensions.

Used. Unknown model.

Fuel Guage:
Used. Unknown  model.

2 Large Pistons and Conrods:
Used. Unusual oil feed projection at bottom of conrod.

Piston Rings:
NOS. Huge - unknown application.

Gudgeon Pins:
NOS. Large - unknown application.

Car Jack:

Master Cylinder:
Used. Unknown model, 6" long with 1" bore.

Distance Pieces?
NOS. Cast, unknown application.

Camshaft Followers:
NOS. Various, all still wrapped in original wax wrapping.

Track Rod Ends:
Used. Odd ones. Unknown models.

Mounting Bracket:
NOS. Unknown application.

Lucas FT6 fog light:
Used. Good condition, but with a couple of very shallow dents in chrome.

2 x 8" reflectors:
Used. One reflector complete with dipping solenoid.

Lucas SFT 700S spot lamp:
Used. 6" flat lens. Chrome good apart from one dent on rear of body.

5.5" spotlamp lens:
Used. With chrome centre.

Lucas Fognander Foglight:
Used. Has 'M3' on the glass. Good condition.

Vintage Lucas Screen Electric Screen Demister:
Used. Poor chrome, unknown condition.

Plastic Washer Bottle with Vacuum Pump:
Used. Top missing filler flap and has 2 small melted areas, otherwise OK.

Sunvisor with vanity mirror:

Master Cylinder Repair Kit:
NOS. Girling SP 2102/1. Unopened package. Unknown application.

Battery Clamp:
Used. Side hooks are not a pair.

Sidelight/Indicator Light Chrome Surround:
Used. 1.5" diameter.

Rear Sidelight Oblong Chrome Surround:
Used. Includes rubber gasket.

Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit:
NOS. Lockheed KL71425. 7/8". Unknown application.

Radiator Caps:
Used. Different Pressures available.

Pair 3 way indicator flasher relays:

3 pieces of internal wood trim:
Used. Unknown model/marque. Each about 27" long. One has part no. 372275, and the other two both have part numbers 372272.

Boot Lock:
NOS. Unknown model.

Large Jackall Pump:
Used. Very clean, but missing top screw cap. Although looking different to next pump, both pumps have same measurements: 6.5" tall; 6" wide; 4.5" deep; 5.25" mounting holes center to center. These may fit a Wolseley SuperSix - please measure your own first.

Large Jackall Pump:
Used. Dirty but complete. Although looking different to previous pump, both pumps have same measurements: 6.5" tall; 6" wide; 4.5" deep; 5.25" mounting holes center to center. These may fit a Wolseley SuperSix - please measure your own first.

Set 4 Jackall Jacks:
Used. Good condition, 2 with axle clamps. 12 1/4" long, 1 5/8" diameter.

Pair Clutch Linings:
NOS. Includes rivets. Raybestos-M, Part No. 3/CH/3. 9 7/8" diameter.