Autojumble – 3

The following list of parts include both remanufactured Wolseley items and other parts from unknown models and marques. All classic car enthusiasts are welcome to either purchase any parts, or just help to identify any models that the parts may fit. Please email the Spares Coordinator (Andy Wells) if you should wish to discuss any of them.

Wolseley Register Spares are sold in good faith, however, please note that all parts are sold as seen, untested and with no warranty.

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Accelerator cable kit:
NOS. To fit: Renault: 5 R5 Supercinque; R9-R11-R18-R19-R21-R25; CLIO-FUEGO-ESPACE-TRAFIC.

Interior window winder
Used. Good condition.

Petrol Tank Flap Lock:
Used. Lightly pitted. No key.

Pair door post catches:
Used. 1 good, 1 missing small return spring.

Fuel Pump:
Used. Lucas AUA 4080.

Voltage Regulator:
Used. Lucas RB340.
Several available, in unknown condition.
1 RB340 - no part number evident
1 RB340 has an unidentified number stamped on it - 373310 - 12v.
1 'look alike' RB340 has 'UCBI' stamped on bottom - 12V.

Boot Lock:
Used. Good condition but no key.

Used. Unknown application.

Track Rod End:
Used. Good condition.

Track Rod End:

Pedal Rubber:
NOS. Unipart. Unknown application.

Primary Input Shaft:
Used. Appears to be good condition. Unknown model.

Rubber Mountings:
All NOS. 1 large & 4 small.

Silent Block Bushes:
All NOS.
Small - 1 3/4" long by 1 1/2" diameter
Medium - 1 5/8" long by 2" diameter
Large - 4 1/2" long by 1 13/16" diameter.

Jaeger Speedo:
NOS. Excellent condition. No. SN 6116/00 1152 on face.

Bumper Irons:

Choke Knob and Cable:
Used. 69" long. Very good condition.

Door Mirror Glass:
NOS. For electric operated
door mirror. Genuine
Mercedes Benz part but for unknown model. Original box.

Clutch Plate:
NOS. Boxed. 7.5" diameter. Fleetwood, part no. DP53 (24/06/1996).

Ignition Switch:
Used. 3 contacts. Complete with key FP 727.

Radiator Cap:
NOS. A9? Later fitting with European safety warnings.

Car Aerial Extension Lead:
NOS. Siran. 10' length.

NOS. QH, part no. QTH1845.

Flick Switch:
NOS. Red.

Exhaust Valves:
Used, but in good condition. Unipart Part No. IH 1330,
dated 16/06/72.

Girling rear wheel cylinder:
NOS. Part Number 32 966 489.41 on the box, and '51922 FIAT' stamped on the cylinder. Good condition with free
moving pistons. Box very tatty.
To fit the following Fiats:
128 Saloon (1969 on)
127 Saloon (1971 on)
128 Saloon & Estate
(1927 on)
Rallye (1971 on)
1100and 1300 SL Coupe
(1972 on)
1300 Special (1972 on)
Berlinetta (1972 on).

Girling rear wheel cylinder:
NOS. Part Number 646734476 on box and 'Girling 75' stamped on cylinder. Good condition with free moving piston. Box very tatty.
To fit the following:
Consul Cortina 118E 1500cc; 215 1200cc; Super 225 1500cc; Estate cars 1963 on
Hilman Imp (May 1963 on) basic from Chassis No B42/1000228 and B41/1/025797
Singer Chamois (1964 on).

New & Used. Unkown applications.

Rear Cart Spring:
Used. Believed to be very old.

Riley 1.5 (Mk3) Front
Side Grill:

Handbrake Cable:
Used. Unknown application.

Bonnet Release Cable:
Used. Unknown application.

Exhaust Manifold:
Used. Unknown application.

Riley 1.5 Pair Front Swivel Hubs:
Used. One has a duff bearing, whilst the other has good brake shoes.

Riley 1.5 brake drum and 1 pair brake shoes:

Riley 1.5 Rear no, plate light
& plinth:
Used. Chrome should
clean up.

Pair Hub Carriers:
Used. Complete with bearings. Unknown model.
Internal diameter of bearings
- 1 3/16".

Heater Matrix:
Used. Looks good. Unknown model.

Pair Window Regulators:
Used. Inknown model.

Distributor Cap:
NOS. Intermotor. To fit Ford Anglia, Escort, Cortina (1967-68).
Some in original boxes.

Distributor Cap:
NOS. Doduco. Small, possibly for a VW? In original box.

Track Rod Ends:
All NOS & in original sealed packaging.
Quinton Hazell QR 1752S 13088 & Quinton Hazell QR 1753S 22F28 -
both to fit Opel Kadett 'D' (1979 on) & Vauxhall Astra (1980 on)
Quinton Hazell QR 1573S 30F28 - to fit Rover 2300/2600 (1977) & Rover 3500 SD1 1976

Track Rod End:
NOS. Supra Automotive MSR 1072. In original box.

Ball Joint:
NOS. Large - with curved arm. Unknown application.

Ball Joint:
NOS. Bolts to chassis. Unknown application.

Pair Trunnions:
NOS. One includes mounting pin. Unknown application.

Wheel Cylinder:
NOS. Villar GR-5485. Piston still free. Large, but unknown application.

All NOS & in original packaging. Several Part Nos available:
Quinton Hazell EM1488. Rear Lower Suspension Arm Rear Bush to fit: Ford Cortina MK3 1300 1600 June 1971-1976; Cortina MK3 2000 June 1971- Dec 1973; Cortina MK3 2000 estate with heavy duty suspension Dec 1973-1976; Cortina MK4 all 1976-July 1977.
Quinton Hazell EM1489. Rear Suspension Lower Arm Front Bush to fit: Ford Cortina Mk3 2000 Saloon & Estate (standard suspension) 12/1973-76.
Quinton Hazell EM1487. Front Suspension Lower Bush to fit: Ford Cortina Mk3 Mk4 1970-; Ford Germany Taunus Aug.73

Brake Shoe Hold Down kit:
NOS. Betta Parts BG36/S.
To fit cars with Bendix brakes:
Citroen - Ina; Visa; Argenta
Ford - Cortina Mk3-5
Peugeot - 104; 204; 304; 305; 504; 505
Renault - R4; R5; R6; R12; R14; R15; R17; R18; R20; R25; Fuego
Talbot - Alpine; Horizon; Matra Rancho
Simca - 1100; 1301; 1501; Solara; Tagara
Fiat - 131 (75-83); 132 2000 (72- on)

Girling brake/clutch master cylinder kit:
NOS. Part no. SP1967/S. 3/4" bore.
To fit brakes:-
Austin A55 van (1957 on) + 1622cc HV6 & HK6 (June 1963 on)
Austin J4 10/12cwt van & pick up (Sep 1960 on)
Humber Super Snipe Series IV, V, & Imperial (Chassis 8200001  1962 on)
Morris 1/2 ton van & pick up (September 1962 on)
Riley 1.5 (1958 on)
Vauxhall Viva (September 1963 on with optional disc brakes)
Rover 80 1962 (from RHD Chassis 74500310A, LHD Chassis 74600006A, LHD Chassis 74800008A)
Rover 100 1962 (from RHD Chassis 75000696A, LHD Chassis 75100040A, LHD Chassis 75300038A)
Rover 95 1963 (Chassis commencing 76000001A, 76100001A, 76200001A, 76300001A, 76400001A)
Rover 110 1963 (Chassis commencing 76500001A, 76600001A, 76700001A, 76800001A, 76900001A)
To fit clutches:-
Humber Super Snipe Series IV (October/November 1963 on)
Landrover 109 WB Forward Control (1962 on)
Rover 3ltr 1962 4 speed RHD (Chassis commencing 72500085A, 72600023A, 72600013A)
Rover 3ltr (Mk II) 1963 Manual (Chassis commencing 77000000, 77100000, 77300000)
Seddon 3 & 5 ton Low Loader (1960 on)
Volvo P1800 (August 1962 on) and (June 1964 on)
Volvo 122S (August 1962 on)
Volvo P2200 (June 1964 on)
Volvo P1200 & P1300 (June 1964 on)
Seddon 12, 16, 18, 18.5 ton, 4/6 wheelers (1962 on). Models 12/4/370, 18/4/A370, 18/DD6/400, 16/6/370)

Multiple Girling wheel cylinders:
All NOS, poor boxes, some surface rust:
74966034 - to fit 1978 Datsun Cherry
74966036 - to fit 1978 Nissan Sunny
74966090 - to fit unknown
32660263 } to fit Citroen, Peugeot, Renault
32660262 }
SP2715-3. To fit Capri rear
32966506 - to fit unknown
32966080/1 - to fit unknown
32660262 - to fit unknown
64967541 - to fit unknown
390312W - to fit Escort Mk1/2 Front

Wheel Cylinders:
Used. Past Parts No. 25-0904AM.

Timing Chain:
NOS & in original packaging. Unipart - single link continuous - 20"

NOS. Timken. Tapered roller bearing. Tiny bit of surface rust. For BMC part no. ATA7045-BRG

Universal Joint:
NOS. Quinton Hazell.
Part No. QL-161J3

Set Ferodo Bake Pads:
NOS. Part no. FDB635. To fit Lancia Y10 (89-) & Yugo (Zastara) (89-)

Ferodo Brake Pads:
NOS. Part no. FDB708.
3 only.

Set Fremy 009 (LP18) Brake Pads:
NOS. Part no. WVA 21173-200357.
(Codes on the actual pads: R096 FF 0189B 100603).
To fit: Alfetta; BMW 1500, 1502, 1602; Opel Ascona.

Girling wheel cylinder kit:
NOS. Part no. SP2715-3.
To fit Capri rear. (Unsure whether this is complete, but there appears to be 2 lots of seals)

Girling Clutch slave cylinder kit:
NOS. Part no. SP2033/1.
To fit Zephyr, Zodiac 1960-72

Rear Radius Arm Mounting:
NOS & in original packaging. Quinton Hazell EM1424.
To fit: Austin 1800-2200-Allegro, Princess etc.

Set boxed 4 Hepolite Pistons:
NOS. Part No. RSW 12866. Good condition. To suit bore of 2.775", 0.40 thou oversize.
To fit: Austin A40 Cambridge 1200cc (1955-57), Morris Cowley 1200cc (1955-56), Hudson 1200cc Metropolitan (1955).

Set boxed 4 Covmo Pistons:
NOS. Part No. PS 5527. Good condition. 0.20 thou oversize.
Unkown application.

Set boxed 4 BMC Pistons:
NOS. Part No. 8G.244306. With a little bit of corrosion.
Unknown application.