Register Committee

The club is managed nationally by a Committee of thirteen, plus our Regional Representatives, who all meet approximately every other month. Each region is  managed by its own regional committee. The national posts are currently held by the following people, whose contact details are given at the bottom of this page for the benefit of members.

President: Geoff Craggs
Vice President: John McCombie

Chairman: Colin Briggs
Deputy Chairman: Graham Ryder
Secretary: Mike Schilling
Treasurer: Paul Scotten
Membership: Bob Langston
Editor: Amy Egan
Online Shop (regalia only): Jenny Ryder
Webmaster: Bob Langston
DVLA Liaison/ Historian: Peter Seaword
Publications: Mike Stanley
Publicity: Andrew McAdam
Group Liaison Officer: Chris Arnold

Regional Representatives
Region 1 – South East: Vacant
Region 2 – Scotland: Vacant
Region 3 – Midlands: Graham Ryder
Region 4 – North East: Peter Seaword
Region 5 – North West: Mike Stanley
Region 6 – South West: Geoff Bennett
Region 7 – South & West Wales: Ernest Jones
Region 8 – East Anglia: Chris Arnold
Region 9 – Overseas: Vacant
Region 10 – East Midlands: Stuart Nell

Register Spares stock – Andy Wells
Spares / Service  location – Bob Langston

The following photographs depict a selection of our past and present Regional Contacts:

Past SE  Regional Representative Alan Simmonds.

John and Seana McCombie. John has previously represented the Scottish Group and is now a Vice President of the Register

Graham & Jenny Ryder. Graham is the Midlands Regional Representative and Jenny is National Regalia Manager.

Past NE Regional Representative Chris Cowell, with the restored 14/56 and David Palmer, who undertook the restoration for Chris.

Peter & Pauline Cope. Peter is one of the NW Regional Representatives.

Ernest Jones, S&W Wales Regional Representative

SW Regional Representative, Geoff Bennett

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