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All general enquiries about the Wolseley Register or about Wolseleys in general should be sent to our Enquiries team.

A full contact list of officials is available to members under the ‘Introducing the Register’ page, but if you have any queries specifically regarding anything to do with this website, you are welcome to contact any of the Wolseley Register officials below either by e-mail or by phone where available:

General enquiries:

For all initial and general enquiries, please contact our Enquiries team.

Wolseley  Register Secretary:

Wolseley Register matters should be sent to the Club Secretary. Please contact the Wolseley Register secretary, Mike Schilling.

Membership enquiries:

For membership enquiries, please contact the Membership Secretary, Bob Langston, or telephone 01524 761409.

Payment enquiries:

If you have any problems or queries about either membership or Online Shop payments, contact the Treasury Team, Jan Langston, or telephone 01524 761409.  For other payment methods used please contact the Treasurer, Paul Scotten, or telephone 01945 880631, Mob: 07917 343701.

Spares Queries:

For help with locating spares and services, please contact the Spares Consultant, Bob Langston, or telephone 01524 761409.

Online Shop enquiries:

For queries or problems regarding any regalia in our Online Shop, please contact the Regalia Manager, Jenny Ryder, or telephone 0121 445 1872.

Wolseley World enquiries:

For any queries about our bi-monthly magazine, Wolseley World, or if you would like to submit any contributions, please contact the Editor, Amy Egan, or telephone 0121 475 9629.

Website enquiries:

For all general website queries, problems, comments or suggestions, contact the Webmaster, Bob Langston, or telephone 01524 761409.

Regional enquiries:

If you wish to contact any of our Regional Representatives for information on events in your area, please contact the Midlands Representative, Graham Ryder, or telephone 0121 445 1872, who will be happy to pass you onto the appropriate person.

Hornet Special being rallied by owner & member Graham Whitaker