Are you thinking of joining a Wolseley Club?

If you are thinking of joining a Wolseley Club, you should ask these questions:

  • Does the club cater for all models of Wolseley – from the first to the last?
  • Does the club maintain a record of all known surviving Wolseleys?
  • Does the club have a substantial stock of new and used spares to help you keep your car on the road?
  • Does the club have technical advisers for each model, who can offer advice on buying and maintaining your Wolseley?
  • Does the club have an extensive library of handbooks, parts lists and workshop manuals to help members restore and maintain their cars?
  • Does the club maintain a list of recommended suppliers and service providers?
  • Does the club produce an award-winning magazine?
  • Does the club operate a valuation scheme recognised by most insurance companies – to help you arrange the all-important ‘agreed value’ insurance?
  • Does the club have local groups spread through the UK?
  • Is the club a genuine ‘members’ club’, a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation?
  • Does the club have a modern web-site with all manner of resources available to members in their own secure area?
  • Does the club organise rallies, tours and other events for its members?
  • Does the club attend major shows throughout the UK?
  • Does the club have an on-line forum where you can exchange ideas and obtain help?
  • Is the club recognised by the DVLA as being able to help in the re-claim of ‘lost’ registration numbers?
  • Does the club enjoy good relationships with other specialist clubs, in the UK and overseas, who cater for just a few models of Wolseley – and have reciprocal access arrangements for spares?
  • Is the club a member of the Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs and the Morris Vehicles Association?

Only one Club, the Wolseley Register – can answer ‘yes’ to all these questions.  Founded over fifty years ago, we are the world’s largest all-model Wolseley club.  More than that, we are genuine enthusiasts with a reputation for being welcoming and friendly.